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"Zuiwo laurel, lovers whisper" fragrant perfume Salon – Sohu in August 23rd’s meeting, Shanghai — Paris royal family incense fragrance skin while grey held an open up a fresh outlook perfume salon in Shanghai water house The Inn Boutique. From the fashion media and senior perfume Master, from France in the Glass College of professional perfume perfumer’s lead product flavor and fragrance, feel good and pleasant fragrance brings in the fragrance of the dense.     in the event, as if into a happy garden with flowers to create Chinese style, and the laurel pavilions, terraces and open halls ingenious fusion, to convey the beauty of Oriental sweet scented osmanthus fragrance freehand; natural petals decorate the European bath is showing a comfortable and comfortable bath maintenance overflowing happiness.         master Jenny and guests with professional flavoring bath time flowers fragrance perfume Glass graduated from the French school one fine taste fragrant met Grey’s Salon notes from their famous perfumery master perfumery inspiration, to each fragrance before and after the transfer to the fragrance scale the fragrance of the classic materials, guests at the perfumer’s lead, carefully recorded, carefully smell, immersed in natural fragrance fragrance. Taste sweet, is the special significance of the independent blending moment, according to the characteristics of material properties and guest notes, modulated yourself one exclusive sweet scented osmanthus fragrance tune. Let the precious raw materials from natural rivers. A unique fragrance in their own hands.       products smell, customize your own sweet scented osmanthus fragrance incense tune the launch of Chinese met grey series osmanthus fragrance skin products, created by top perfumer Nathalie Lorson, by which a "sweet scented osmanthus fragrance she modulation, not just simple engraved or flower, but the Guilin Chinese natural landscape of the crown — a freehand description. The white flower perfume, former light bright, simple and not complicated, with a pleasant tone in an invigorating autumn climate is wide; fresh sweet osmanthus, like the vegetation propagation sparse quietly into bloom, subtle fragrance Qin but not high-profile noise; finally calm woody faint with aquatic flavor, sweet scented osmanthus is sweet draw a full length footnote. The dense soft mysterious oriental flavor, wrapped a elegant and pleasing fragrance, in remembering the happy time.   Roger& Gallet brand background: incense fragrance skin met grey Paris royal family, in 1862 by the French Armand? Roger (Armand Roger) and Charles Gray (Charles Gallet)? Co founded in Paris. The brand inherited the world’s first bottle of Cologne, Napoleon became the queen of the water, more popular in European royalty and sold all over the world. As the pioneer pioneer Yue Yan, Xiang met grey continue to lead the transformation of art bath. In nineteenth Century created the world’s first round of perfume, soap, bath, skin care, fragrance will be the three step skin.相关的主题文章: