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Zong Ning: is the future of campus network Reds red – Sohu with technology platform for social evolution and change, the Reds economy has already become a very important social and economic situation, the Reds in the economy, more and more campus Reds began to emerge in people’s field of vision. It also shows that the entire network is in fact the red field quality gradually improved, and the campus reds, is likely to become the main economic future red net. Net red began to evolve skills. Before the network is mostly red people, these people have time to dress up, will make up, communication is also good, so it is more likely to be popular. But the problem is, the red net appeared in the field of homogenization phenomenon more and more, we are all the same as chin, makeup, as a talent show, the audience began to get tired. After things began to sour, a large number of anchor to smoke powder to do a lot of things, the direction of development of broadcasting industry is obviously unfavorable. So improve the quality of the anchor, or a very necessary direction. College students to participate in the live relatively late, but more distinctive features, mainly young and talented. For example, this year’s big Papi sauce, in fact, is itself a drama students, their professional editing and scripting capabilities, so that it stands out. Students of different majors often have different knowledge and skills, which is not only good for many people, but also valuable. It also makes more and more students began to live in such a social media operations, the younger and more talented group, began to become a new anchor in the field. The Reds pattern and the choice of platform in micro-blog V influence summit campus forum, said CEO Wang Gaofei, micro-blog campus all cooperation, and all our investment is investment in the future of micro-blog. In fact, micro-blog has realized the main trend and platform of the future in the future, must be generated from the students, so now the investment in related fields, a number of well-known network reds so grow, and the development mode of campus Reds is gradually forming. For the Reds, there must be some pattern, not blindly cater to popular, but to find their own characteristics and advantages, mining their own unique side. Otherwise, in the homogenization of competition, and will not have too many advantages and prospects. In addition, the choice of a good social platform is also very important. While micro-blog’s current environment, culture is the most mature red net is the best. At present, micro-blog provides more professional skills training and direction guidance, so that the campus network gradually from the red to shape, so as to overcome the shortcomings of the lack of experience in social communication, better recognition of fans. In addition to the support of the micro-blog platform itself, universities, teams and campus communities, which also attaches great importance to and support, some of the institutions of the community also provides a lot of resources to explore the future of the stars. These institutions work together to create the best campus network red environment. For students with relatively free time, the choice of development on micro-blog, is undoubtedly a very good opportunity to build their own brand, contact with the community. And some talent.相关的主题文章: