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Zigong bus driver did not grab the yellow light passenger dissatisfaction umbrella beat (Figure) monitoring screenshot at 6:20 on the morning of September 20th, Zigong (micro-blog) Yu Jiang 18 bus drivers, driving through the intersection of a traffic light, because the light showing also the remaining two seconds, for security reasons, he chose to wait for parking. Don’t want to, the normal driving behavior Jiangyu from a male passenger dissatisfaction. The passenger cab to find Jiang Yu after a back seat theory; then came up with an umbrella to carry on, is driving the bus Jiangyu a mess, causing his head and hand injuries. In order to ensure traffic safety, the safety car pull over jiangyu. "I was in the car in front of the vehicle, and more, to ensure traffic safety, there is no way to hide, only with him." Jiang Yu told reporters, the car finally stopped in the liberation overpass at the time, his forehead was also wounded in the umbrella handle a lot of blood flow. The man hit by another older passengers Quanzhu, before returning to his seat. In desperation, Jiang Yu dialed 110 for help. Subsequently, the police and the bus company personnel rushed to the scene after another, Jiang Yu was taken to hospital for treatment, there is no big deal; the man was brought back to the police for investigation. 22 afternoon, the Chengdu Daily reporter learned from the local police, beating the man’s family has to Jiangyu apology and compensation related costs. Confirmed, men suffering from mental diseases, currently has a family home care. Chengdu Daily reporter Yuan Wei, Li editor editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading Shaanxi Xi’an: 58 year old did not answer a passer-by for directions cleaners were beaten up

自贡公交司机不抢黄灯 引男乘客不满持伞暴打(图)监控截图 9月20日早上6时20分许,自贡(微博)市18路公交车司机江宇驾车经过一个红绿灯路口时,因为绿灯显示还剩余两秒钟,出于安全考虑,他选择停车等待。不想,江宇的正常驾驶行为招来一名男乘客不满。该乘客来到驾驶室找江宇理论一番后回到座位上;紧接着又走上前来,用随身携带的一把雨伞,对正在驾驶公交车的江宇一阵乱打,致其头、手等部位受伤。为了保障行车安全,江宇将车安全靠边停下。“我当时在开车,前方车辆又多,需要保证行车安全,根本没有办法躲,只能随他打。”江宇告诉记者,车子最终在解放立交桥处停下,此时,他的额头也因被伞柄打伤流了不少血。打人男子被另一名年纪较大的乘客劝住,才回到座位上。迫于无奈,江宇拨打了110报警求助。随后,警方和公交公司人员陆续赶到现场,江宇被送医治疗,目前无大碍;男子被警方带回接受调查。22日下午,成都商报记者从当地警方获悉,打人男子的家人已向江宇道歉并赔偿了相关费用。经证实,男子患有精神方面疾病,目前已由家人带回家中照料。成都商报记者 袁伟 编辑 官莉编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 陕西西安:路人问路没回答 58岁保洁员遭暴打相关的主题文章: