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The aviation industry in Zhuzhou city to accelerate the rise of Hunan’s first general airport will be built in Zhuzhou general airport building renderings of Zhuzhou general airport panorama renderings of Zhuzhou general airport terminal in Zhuzhou known as the "full cap domestic power" said, in addition to the rail transportation industry well-known far and near, a Zhuzhou aviation industry is also shining city name card. Into November, Zhuzhou aviation industry city continued to spread good news. The aviation industry together to complete the country’s first independent light sport type fixed wing SA160 five seat aircraft development line of mountains and rivers, and stunning debut in 2016 eleventh Zhuhai China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition; Chinese aero engine group company aero engine and gas turbine technology major special project officially settled in the aviation industry in the city, plans to invest 10 billion yuan; the largest U.S. helicopter a kit manufacturer rotorway helicopter project officially started construction; Hunan Xiang general aviation company limited the province’s first government enterprise cooperation in the aviation emergency rescue team – the Zhuzhou aviation emergency rescue team was officially established in Zhuzhou town; navigation project in the "2016 Changsha Asia (first) Cultural Tourism Project Investment Summit roadshow special, the judges get venture capital favor and investment intentions. At the same time as the China aviation standard parts company, northern bee and many other projects in the aviation industry, the aviation industry in Zhuzhou city is to accelerate the rise of the distinctive characteristics of the industry. General airport Pojianerchu as a key project of the aviation industry in Zhuzhou City, are all Zhuzhou general airport runway, terminal and ancillary works overtime started construction, is expected before the end of 2016 trial operation. It is reported that Zhuzhou general airport for the first time in Hunan will be built and put into use in general airport. The project covers an area of 569.93 acres, a total investment of about 80 million yuan, the flight area according to 1B standard, immediately completed projects including runway, taxiway, apron, lifting belt, taxiway and supporting facilities. Among them, the runway length of 800 meters, width of 30 meters, to meet a variety of aircraft flight test requirements. 800 meter runway for the first phase of the project, will eventually be built on the runway of 3300 meters long generic airport. At the same time, communicated with the Zhuzhou general airport to the city center the "path of life" – billion Avenue, Avenue, East Avenue, take Rui Dong clothing two road projects such as a busy scene, construction vehicles shuttle, excavators, drag cars in a continuous line of soil. Expected in 2017, life channel opened across the board, the center of the city to the general airport will be less than 10 minutes by car, Zhuzhou general airport is about to usher in the era of full operation. Zhuzhou airport is the main general aviation industry in Zhuzhou city of small aircraft engines, aircraft R & D and production test and operation service, the main service operation of -12, and Cessna 172R, Gu Yun -5, diamond DA40 and various small and medium-sized aircraft flight,. At the same time, can also take into account other general aviation business, such as high altitude parachuting, hot air balloon flight, unmanned aerial vehicle flight, aircraft sightseeing, aircraft mapping, pesticide spraying, etc.. Zhuzhou aviation industrial city is located in the "national innovation demonstration zone" and "the two type of social test area" – the core of Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Urban Agglomeration, close to the central city of Zhuzhou, with a total area of 58 square kilometers. Has been awarded the "National Aviation hi tech Industrial Base相关的主题文章: