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Zhoushan sister from the "apple" resigned, opened the company also financing 2 million, in Zhoushan has such a sister, when the hotel tried sleeping, her name is Le Yulve. In that year, she traveled all over China, lived in all kinds of hotels, wrote and commented on micro-blog, and became a consultant for many people to travel. And her illustrations are especially interesting. Later, she went to the Apple Corp for a year of internal staff training, career booming, 29 years old, she resigned! "The Shenjiamen girl dare to talk to her, feel her maturity, but inside, she is still the stubborn minded girl. At the age of 14, she carried 3 bags to Hangzhou to learn painting, missed the train, missed the train, she never complained, rich travel experience allows her to dialectical thinking about the problem: "every unfortunate experience, is just the precursor of happiness."." In 2010, by virtue of her clarity Weiweidaolai narrative style and her design skills, vivid hand-painted illustrations, become a tourist site in Zhejiang province only hotel sleep tester. For half a year, she was promoted to become a product manager of the hotel channel. In the meantime, she never forgot her dream, set up a studio, painted paintings. In June 2015, at a friend’s recommendation, half the time saw by the 6 interview, she entered the Apple Corp, mainly responsible for internal staff training. About Apple related product drawing software how to use, activity planning, she dabbled. The company culture makes her very useful, "encourage people to accept the challenge, jump out of the comfort circle."." So she quit her job again. Quitting a gift is an experiment of her own. She always likes to give herself a difficult problem and let herself say goodbye to her comfort situation. Before her resignation, she gave her colleagues a farewell gift, spent 150 hours, created a long scroll of painting, 218 colleagues, one by one painted out. She said, this is more of a creative experiment of their own, "very few people know according to the plan, and implement it with scientific methods, I also in the study." The most difficult time, to 170 people. "Like the midnight oil, but 40 kilometers, but is very tired, how also not to feel. Fortunately, I know that 48 people are still missing." She seems to be very casual with the state of outsiders, warned herself: "people who thought that living with sex was cool, and the life of a step by step design was boring, but it was later understood that they could control their own kind of people, and then really had absolute freedom."." For example, if you want to have a good body, set goals, exercise in stages, there will be. Want to learn more skills, set goals, stages of learning to learn. And usually they don’t see the process of consuming their energy. She said that the ultimate goal of her life was to live happily and help one hundred million people own their own works of art. Never give up love, can let you be glittering in the sleep tester, who asked her the way to ask the hotel people, many have quietly followed up her painting. "Because they are interested in active contact with painting, most of them are zero foundation, I use the way to guide them to create, convey emotion between each other." Le Yulve found that the network world will spread far from her specialty. Le Yulve after the departure of the original studio to do the adjustment,.

舟山妹子从“苹果”辞职后 开了公司还融资200万在舟山有这样一个妹子当过酒店试睡员,她的名字叫乐宇略。当年她一个人走遍中国,住各类酒店写点评发微博,成为很多人旅游出行的顾问。而她的插画,尤其有趣。后来,她去了苹果公司做了一年员工内部培训,事业蒸蒸日上,29岁那年,她却又辞职了!敢于尝新的沈家门姑娘这次跟她交谈,明显感觉到她的成熟,但,骨子里,她依旧是那个倔强有主见的女孩。14岁,她一个人拎着3个大包来杭州学画画,迷过路,错过火车,她从不抱怨,丰富的旅行经历让她能辩证地思考问题:“每次倒霉的经历,恰恰是幸福来临的前兆。”2010年,她凭借条理清晰娓娓道来的叙述风格和她的设计功底,惟妙惟肖的手绘插画,成为某旅游网站浙江省唯一的酒店试睡员。仅半年,她就升职成了酒店频道产品经理。其间,她一直没有忘掉自己的梦想,成立了工作室,开展手绘画作。2015年6月,在朋友引荐下,半年时间内历经6次面试,她进入苹果公司,主要负责员工内部培训。关于苹果相关产品绘画软件如何使用,活动策划她都涉猎。公司文化让她颇为受用,“鼓励人们接受挑战,跳出舒适圈。”所以,她又辞职了。辞职礼物,是对自己的一个实验她总是喜欢给自己出难题,让自己告别安逸的现状。临辞职前,她送给了同事们一个离别的礼物,花了150小时,创作了一副长画卷,将218个同事,一一画了出来。她说,这次创作倒像是对自己做的一个实验,“极少数人懂得根据目标制定计划,并用科学的方法实现它,我也在学习中。”最困难的,是画到170人的时候。“像开夜车,明明就差40公里了,可就是非常疲乏,感觉怎么也到不了了。庆幸的是,我知道还差48人。”她用外人看来很随性的状态,告诫自己:“以前以为随性而活的人比较酷,一步步设计的人生好无趣,可后来才明白,能控制得了自己的那类人,才真正拥有绝对的自由。”比如说,想拥有好身材,定目标分阶段去锻炼就会有。想多学一门技能,定目标分阶段去学习就学得会。而且通常都看不到他们消耗无穷精力的过程。她说,她的人生终极目标,是活得尽兴,并帮助一亿人拥有他们自己创作的艺术品。从没放弃的爱好,能让你闪闪发光在做试睡员时,那些向她问路问酒店的人,很多竟然默默跟着她学起了画画。“他们因为兴趣主动接触画画,多是零基础,我用方法引导他们创作,互相之间传递着情感。”乐宇略发现,网络世界将她的特长传播得特别远。乐宇略离职后,把原来的工作室做了调整,成立了燃巴网络科技有限公司,并顺利融资到200万。她说,接下来的工作重心是把手绘馆开起来了,除了实体店体验,还有网络在线视频授课,让异地的朋友也能参与。相关的主题文章: