Zhoukou Bureau of education secretary and other officials fighting poverty dinner many people dismis yuanmu

Zhoukou Bureau of education secretary and other officials fighting poverty dinner people have been dismissed – Sohu news people.com.cn August 27 Zhengzhou Xinhua (Yang Tianzi) August 26th, website of the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department issued a message that the Zhoukou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection informed a violation of the central provisions of the spirit of eight typical cases, Zhoukou Education Bureau in Xiangcheng poverty point sympathy after a dinner on the serious illegal use of high-grade tobacco, drink will be under the deputy director of Zhoukou municipal Party committee decided by the wounded, many people suffer serious treatment. It is understood that, in August 4th, in response to the Zhoukou municipal government’s call, the Zhoukou Municipal Bureau of Education Secretary Zhang Xuecheng led all the members of the leadership team and the main departments responsible person, the city eight village poverty alleviation Nanton comfort at the end of the Xiangcheng municipal government held a reception dinner, the Education Bureau of Xiangcheng municipal government and Xiangcheng city attaches great importance to prepare the five boxes of wine Moutai three banquet tables for your hospitality. However, at the dinner table, deputy director, Zhoukou Municipal Education Bureau member Gao Yumin drunk and Zhu Jingqi chief of personnel dispute, then the two strike violently. After review found, party secretary, director of the Zhoukou Municipal Education Bureau Zhang Xuecheng, Municipal Bureau of education as the first responsibility of honest government, flagrant disregard of the provisions of the central eight, and agreed to take the lead in the subordinate units of public funds banquets, serious illegal use of high-grade tobacco, their behavior violated the integrity of discipline, serious nature of adverse effects bad, the main leadership responsibility for the incident. Party members, deputy director Gao Yumin led to participate in, their actions violated the integrity of discipline, and subordinate drink beaten caused the damage, if the circumstances are especially serious, particularly harsh nature. Guo Suping, head of the discipline inspection group to participate in the dinner, his behavior violated the integrity of discipline, and did not stop the incident, did not fulfill its oversight responsibilities, serious dereliction of duty. Deputy Secretary of Xiangcheng Municipal Committee, mayor Ren Zhe, deputy secretary of the Xiangcheng municipal Party committee Han Fenglong was invited to accompany, integrity violations of discipline, the incident has an important leadership responsibility. According to the relevant provisions of the disciplinary regulations of the Communist Party of China, the Zhoukou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee meeting to consider and report to the Zhoukou Municipal Committee for approval, given the party to observe the punishment of one year Gao Yumin. By the Zhoukou Municipal Supervision Bureau and approved by the municipal government, Zhang Xuecheng given administrative demotion (in view of Zhang Xuecheng is the Zhoukou Municipal Committee, on the violation of Party discipline, according to the "Chinese" provisions of the constitution of the Communist Party, is in accordance with the relevant procedures for review), Gao Yumin given administrative demotion (reflected by their other problems separately investigation). Zhoukou City Commission for Discipline Inspection to give Guo Suping party a serious warning, and was removed from the party members, the discipline inspection team leader positions, removed from the discipline inspection posts; were given Ren Zhe, Han Fenglong party a serious warning. Xiangcheng City Education Bureau deputy party secretary, director Ma Zhongping as organizers hosted the specific discipline violations, and the investigation against the organization, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee meeting examined and approved by the Xiangcheng municipal Party committee, given one year probation sanction; approved by the Municipal Supervision Bureau reported to the municipal government, given its administrative demotion. The event of other relevant responsible persons and departments, relevant units in Zhoukou city in accordance with the cadre management authority, to distinguish the respective responsibilities of the party were given a serious warning, Party warning or admonishing conversation handle.相关的主题文章: