Zhengzhou, a van was hit by a brick in the middle of the night, because the road is still blocked ph-noreply

Zhengzhou van hit brick night was suspect because of the way it does not leave the scene of the accident news mapping network telephone (reporter Qiu Yanbo Ventura) November 10th morning, Zhengzhou Fuyuan Road and Jianye Road intersection Yan Zhuang new south hospital entrance road, a van was hit with a brick. Smashed cars drive away from the scene, the patrol team of smashed cars may be due to the way. The van smashed the morning on November 10th at 2:40 in the morning Xu, Zhengzhou Fuyuan Road and Jianye Road intersection Yan Zhuang new South Street in front of the hospital suddenly heard "gallops" a few loud. In the courtyard of the future road patrol patrol team Si Guanghong, Hou Yanjun two people ran towards the sound heard. In the South Gate of the hospital 50 meters west, saw a white car parked in a car, the driver sat a young man, and another young man may have heard someone came to the car. The white car has a fuel door to the east off and soon disappeared. Two patrol members with a career sensitive, I feel that the behavior of these two men strange, they quickly under the license plate number AAX686. Two guard members came closer, the original is a white car parked on the roadside was a brick hit Jinbei van. The car windshield wiper was three, a half brick in the windshield, a piece of window glass in the left side of the van after it was smashed, and kicked the traces of the body. Patrol members looking for some, there is no contact with the van, patrol team member Si Guanghong then alarm. Ten minutes later, the future of the police station two police rushed to the scene. The police found a van smashed this only, while the other vehicle was parked side. The scene of the accident due to the way was hit "from the scene, the window glass was smashed, the suspect did not get into the car, the other side of the vehicle is not smashed, can rule out suspected of theft, it is likely that the car owners and others suffered retaliation enemies." A police while taking pictures, while the defense team member said. "However, this may be because van parking is not standardized, blocking the other vehicle, van unable to move the car phone, blocked the owner angrily or the owner of the car hire van smashed cars to vent their anger, because it parked on the outside, inside the two cars did not come out." The police added to. Subsequently, the police van smashed by the police through the query information, the van to a commercial company, and no registration number. "Is the way or with enemies, perhaps only the morning report after knowing the van." Future road police station said. Alarming police after leaving the scene, the patrol team will write their contact note caught in the van on the wiper. 7 pm, Mr. Qu came to the front of the van van driver, linked to the witness patrol team. "This is an engineering company car, I in the south of building 10 district residents, 11:30 last night returned home, find a circle from there to find parking spaces, but the car parked on the roadside. It also blocked the vehicle inside, but not for cars." Mr. Qu very depressed. Mr. Qu denied him)相关的主题文章: