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Zhang Yixing laser show explosive stage and took the children warm heart burst table – Zhang Yixing cool entertainment Sohu Sohu Stage Entertainment News star studded double 11 party kicked off last night, Zhang Yixing with a cool laser show explosive stage, "it’s Zhang Yixing right here" filling the king, hey turn the audience screaming crazy lead tide. "I’m LAY" by Zhang Yixing is the original R& B songs, superb dance skills collocation photoelectric high-tech sound stage, hormone index broke the table, detonated the performances. The end of the show in a hurry to leave, still meet the child’s photo requirements, cordial interaction warm heart. On the stage of warm domineering and contrasts, "contrast charm" by netizens praised. Zhang Yixing Zhang Yixing – 11 stage cool off the audience, original songs show music talent double 11 party, Zhang Yixing was wearing a red shirt in a flash sequins, laser effect, like a beast firepower in general to break the cage of handsome appearance. Behind him in the dance group is the embodiment of "tin soldier", general laser reflective material package, each corner of the reflected laser beam to the venue. The latest technology to create cool effect use the stage lighting effects, like a postmodern science fiction film. Zhang Yixing performed songs "i’m LAY" by him personally arranged by composer and arranger, is the first original tracks Zhang Yixing in 2014 to become a registered composer in Korean Music Copyright Association registered after. "I’m LAY" had previously performed at the concert and the birthday party, is one of the many fans in the hearts of the most classic original solo stage. He chose to play this song "I ‘m LAY" again in the release of a solo album on the occasion, as a tribute to his heart, is starting again, let all people know a new meaning of Zhang Yixing. Zhang Yixing double 11 party VS domineering heart warming, "Zhang Yixing contrast charm" cited friends praised Zhang Yixing super dancing has been praiseworthy, last night’s performance, his every move stuck tight beat full strength, the audience was watching live for the evaluation of "beat for walking". Still before the second stage to the charm of a smile, domineering aura to open the background to immediately change back to a sweet boy next door. In a hurry to leave, only a six or seven year old little fan girl ran and cried, "my brother Zhang Yixing photo with me ok," Zhang Yixing heard, immediately reverse and small friends photo, also revealing signs. A handsome overbearing filling the king, a cordial and warm heart second "little sheep", "contrast with such charm" Zhang Yixing, also gain everyone’s praise, no wonder netizens commented, "Zhang Yixing got on the stage in the field. By Taiwan, Liao cordial sister, is really a contrast with age all the charm ah!"相关的主题文章: