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Zhang Yan: Chinese mining industry is big but not strong   the need for large data construction finance — people.com.cn   people.com.cn September 12 Beijing Xinhua (Jia Xingpeng) "China mining industry is big but not strong, need through the construction of big data ecosystem, through the global mineral resources industry." The day before, in the "China International Mining Conference — data press conference forum, blue mining circle founder Zhang Yan said. It is reported that the Ministry of land and resources, the Tianjin Municipal People’s government, China Federation of Mining Co sponsored 2016 (the eighteenth) China International Mining Conference will be held in Tianjin in September 22nd. According to reports, the theme of this conference is to uphold the new concept, a total of innovative future". The summit consists of the summit forum, the Mining Expo and the special events. The main theme of the forum, including the forum of international mining minister forum, International Geological Survey (Xin Zeng), director of the forum of mining industry development forum, the forum and the national (regional) mining cooperation project promotion etc.. From the domestic and foreign mining sector, government officials, industry leaders, experts and scholars on the future development trend of mining, mining policy and financial capital market, domestic and foreign investment opportunities, geological survey and exploration and development, mining equipment, new technology and the sustainable development of the mining industry, mine safety and environmental protection, mineral products and mining project promotion project many other topics in-depth discussion. In the days before the blue circle mining held "Chinese International Mining Conference — data press conference forum", Zhang Yan believes that Chinese mining industry is big but not strong, what to buy and sell up what fall "has become the norm, and now the resources low, big data needs through the construction of ecological. Circle building global mineral resources industry, open up the global resources in the field of dynamic, technology, trade, circulation, financial aspects, in order to effectively promote the" The Belt and Road "and" supply side reform "," free trade area of the Asia Pacific strategy ", help China from the" big mining power "to" mining power". The mineral industry is a high investment, high technology, high risk industry, is also a chain length, wide area, large fluctuations in the industry, with national policies, market, transport difference, information was once again separated, each enterprise in an information island, no change in law on the upstream and downstream to make rational decisions, so we need a global view of the map, in order to solve the insufficient market, overcapacity, the fluctuation of the supply chain. Zhang Yan said, "the only through the generation of big data, big data, big data analysis, in order to optimize all kinds of global industrial chain, big data will create new wealth, but not who moved the cheese." It is reported that the mining industry is the world’s mineral resources Internet platform, the service system, including news quotes circle, commodity trading circles, financial investment circles, mining service centers, etc.. (commissioning editor Jia Xingpeng and Xia Xiaolun)相关的主题文章: