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Zhang Weiping: Kobe’s successor James curry warriors will be difficult to take 73 wins in October 25th Tencent sports news 2016-17 regular season began in October 26th, Chinese basketball legend and famous basketball expert Zhang Weiping looking forward to the new season. From a professional point of view to answer the questions of concern to the fans, such as whether the warriors can get 73 winning streak, Kobe Bryant and Kevin – Garnett’s successor, etc.. Q: what are you most looking forward to in the new season? Zhang Weiping: I would like to see the giants of the four giants to see what they can play in the new season? In fact, during the preseason, the warriors four giants also played for 83 minutes. In the 83 minutes inside, from the offensive efficiency, shooting and team goals assists, the warriors have broken the historical record. But this is a small sample of their new season 82 regular season and playoffs can maintain this momentum, is my most anticipated. Q: which team is the biggest dark horse in the new season? Zhang Weiping: Utah jazz. The team is a very strong team, they missed the playoffs last season until the last minute. In the summer of 2016, sir Hill strengthened the weakest centre back (point guard) and traded for George. They also get Dior, Joe Johnson, plus the original Hayward, Hu De, Gobert, favors their squad, and the depth is very powerful. Jazz coach Snyder Popovich won the true, have always played jazz Norinari reasonable team. Q: Kobe, Duncan, and Garnett have retired, the new season, who can become a phenomenal player? Zhang Weiping: from the field data, the performance and the impact on basketball, James deserved. If the bank can keep the hot hand, three points this cast, and not injured, he can become the player. Durant, Wei, harden need to improve themselves in various aspects, and then take the championship rings, they can also become the player. Q: Warriors face the biggest problem, can not get 73 wins or even break the record? Zhang Weiping: the biggest challenge for the Warriors is whether they will be able to withstand the impact of all teams in 8 months. Each team will play 82 regular season games, but they cannot be treated in the same manner. Everyone wants to prove the value on the warriors, all want to brave death. In this context, the warriors can not stick to it, can not maintain physical strength, can overcome the big injuries, the four giants of the chemical reaction in the face of adversity and so on, are warriors facing problems. As for the 73 wins, the warriors coach Cole experienced a number of bulls season winning spree, know a season than a difficult season. The warriors have lessons last season, the regular season to sacrifice too much physical strength and passion, playoff successor weak, they are now the goal is the championship, may not reach 73 wins. Q: what is the biggest problem facing knights? Zhang Weiping: the biggest problem facing Cleveland is James, who is 32 years old. From the knight play point of view, is a James pick. 2015 playoffs, Erwin, Le Fu, who are injured, James still can not hurt to play. James has been playing last season,.相关的主题文章: