Zhang Jicong exposure pregnant wife Kay Tse love to be late for marriage clonecd

Zhang Jicong exposed pregnant wife Kay Tse love late premarital fights Zhang Jicong joked that his wife was pregnant, she did not love a day late. Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 7th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Zhang Jicong [micro-blog] yesterday to attend the Italy watch brand activities, the brand designer to send a pair of lovers table. Zhang Jicong said: "time is a matter of great importance." Wife Kay Tse [micro-blog] is often late? He jokes that can not be said to be late, but not at the same time, according to have premarital quarrel. Zhang Jicong smiled and said: "can not say that everyone is late, different time, she seemed to see the sunrise and sunset town in the United States, from dating to now, make me feel so unreal on time. I took the military character to arrive on time, the wife is more casual, you think not, but in the end they will arrive, make me relaxed a lot of life." Zhang Jicong joked that a quarrel only and Kay Tse dating, is a matter of time, of course, the marriage did not happen. Whether the representative has been a foregone conclusion? He said: "if the appointment 7 points out, will do their own thing, much time for reading, most men get impatient and angry. Try to finish the book? Is not a time to read, is separated slowly look, and now wife belly, she likes to start second days. She tried to make a dinner appointment with friends, this is no problem, now advocate slow living, and she was very good. However, other people involved in the work, she will be good on time, his family on the day she was late, I would have been irritable, but the family was so angry." (Miao Fei) statement: Sina exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprint prohibited.相关的主题文章: