You will clean up the home kit Many old drugs may be a time bomb-onavo protect

You will clean up the home kit? Many of the "old medicine" may become a time bomb for common colds, gastrointestinal drugs, for most families make possible period of want or need, do so, but you know what? That everyone needs to take care of small family medicine, it is a technology live. Today (9) days, the Chongqing Municipal Food and Drug Administration issued a safety alert for drug safety, cleaning small family medicine, family medicine storage to avoid misunderstanding. Experts said, now commonly used drugs basically is necessary for every family, if have a headache and slight fever and indigestion, want to get used immediately. But the drug is not food, many did not eat, less dosage of the drug, and finally can only be expired. If the wrong clothes expired drugs, the consequences are often very serious. As a special commodity, the safety of drugs directly affects the health, and the method of drug preservation will directly affect the efficacy of drugs. To eliminate security risks, food and drug experts to remind the family to avoid the following errors. 1 after opening the bottle and keep cotton desiccant. Some people think that, after opening the bottle should be kept inside the cotton and seasonings, especially sugar coated tablets, this understanding is wrong. With the repeated opening of pharmaceutical packaging, these water vapor blocking desiccant, cotton will also be adsorbed in the air moisture, if placed in the refrigerator, it is easier to make the drug damp. Cotton and desiccant is to ensure that the quality of the drug to the factory during the opening, after the opening of the cotton, the air is easy to expose the air moisture, desiccant also lost its role, if placed with the drug, easy to cause drug deterioration. So, after opening the bottle, cotton and desiccant should be discarded immediately. 2 after opening is still valid for reference to packaging stored unopened or a single dose of independent packaging drugs, according to the specification of drug storage conditions of preservation, preservation period before opening to the validity of drug labeling. And any drug should be used as soon as possible after the opening, can not refer to the packaging of the above period of storage and use. Capsules, pills and other drugs easy to absorb moisture, Kaifeng should be taken as soon as possible after the completion of the general should be in 3 months to six months to run out. Take the medicine should be taken during the course of treatment. After the drug is opened for cold storage, its meaning is to ensure the quality of short-term use, rather than long-term storage. 3 do not pay attention to the storage conditions of drugs drugs often due to light, heat, moisture, air, acid, alkali, temperature, microbial and other external conditions and deterioration of the failure. Different drug storage conditions are different, but avoid light, dry, cool, seal is the four elements of the preservation of drugs. Taking the temperature as an example, some drug packaging labeled and stored at room temperature, the storage means at 0 DEG ~30 DEG environment; marked in a cool and dry place some drug packaging, which means the drug storage dry place at 0 DEG ~20 DEG C; and the drug is directly indicated in the "2 DEG ~8 DEG cold, said to be placed in the refrigerator storage. As long as the public according to the specific requirements of the drug can be operated. 4 not to retain the drug packaging specification and a lot of people will encounter such a situation: often need medication, to find a drug packaging and instructions, do not know whether the expired drug, do not dare to use, had to buy a new. Can not find the drug packaging and instructions, was thought to occupy the place so thrown away. In addition, some medicine相关的主题文章: