You know what Blood type can determine what you will get cancer diamondprox

You know what? Blood type can determine what you will get cancer do you really understand the blood type? Born from the blood, have been with us. According to the different antigens contained in the red blood cells of the body, the blood types can be divided into A, B, AB and O. Blood type actually decide what you might get cancer type A blood: red blood cells contain A antigen. Type B blood: red blood cells contain B antigen. Type AB blood: red blood cells contain A, B antigen. Type O blood: blood contains no antigen. Blood type for us, not just the need to consider the blood transfusion, it is also a physical signal, can be affected by different antibodies and antigens to affect health, and always give you health tips. Now, let us look at his blood will exist what health risks, and timely health moves! 1 memory risk blood type: AB type of brain and cardiovascular system have more in common than you think. One study found that people with type AB blood were more likely to suffer from memory disorders, language difficulties, and difficulty concentrating. One of the reasons is because of the influence of a critical coagulation protein, the coagulation factor VIII. The presence of this clotting protein can easily lead to blood clots, leading to heart disease or other blockages, reducing blood flow to the brain. 2 pancreatic cancer risk blood type: O type is not accurate, type O blood is lower risk of pancreatic cancer. The researchers found that a common bacteria living in the human gut, Helicobacter pylori, may be involved in pancreatic cancer, because gastric surgery (probably because ulcer) in patients with pancreatic cancer risk increased the number of years after surgery. The A antigen and B antigen in the blood will help Helicobacter pylori thrive. There is no antigen on the surface of the red blood cells of type O, so the risk of pancreatic cancer is reduced. 3 heart risk blood type: a study by the Harvard University, AB, found that people with non O type blood disease have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Among them, type AB blood is the most dangerous group, the risk of heart disease than people with type O blood to 23%. Although we can’t change our blood type, but we know that our blood type leads to higher risk of heart disease, we will be more motivated to change their diet, reduce the risk of heart disease. 4 psychological stress risk blood type: type A type A blood pressure in the face of stress more easily? That’s true。 The levels of different hormones in different blood groups are also different. A type of blood in the blood contained in the original adrenal cortex has been very high, under the influence of pressure, the adrenal cortex will be significantly increased. People with type A blood are usually the first responders to stress, anxiety, irritability and irritability, which are caused by the stimulation of adrenal hormones. Therefore, people with type A blood should pay special attention to decompression exercises, such as Tai Chi, yoga, etc.. 5 gastrointestinal disease risk blood type: non B type red blood cell surface antigen not only attached to the surface of red blood cells, but also in the digestive system. Many of the bacteria that live in the human gut use these antigens as food, which is largely determined.相关的主题文章: