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You don’t know these university associations is really spicy eyes, after the new year, many colleges and universities of the community welcome work is also in full swing. The individualization and variety of University Associations always leave unforgettable impression. In many University societies, is there always something hot?…… Peking University: wake up association, Peking University wake up association is committed to unite the majority of Peking University "wake up difficulties", for the realization of "morning, breakfast, play cards" great ideals continue to struggle. It is reported that the activities of the association include: members agreed to get up time, sign in, go to breakfast, and then punch. The bed Co WeChat platform and the public home page and other propaganda media briefing up situation, the exchange of feelings, often organized fellowship, expand the "Indoorsman Indoorswoman" circle etc.. Southeast University: Southeast University is located in the alliance union chowhound chowhound Jiulong Lake Campus of Southeast University. Their purpose is: eat in the East, stop at the meal! They have been working on for the Southeast University chowhound who provide a platform of exchange. Tsinghua University: Singles Association, Tsinghua University singles Association, although called "single Association", in fact, is welcomed by all individuals to provide all kinds of love technology support and love experience exchange, sharing association. Beihang University: "learning tyrants Baotuan society" since joining the school tyrants Baotuan society, my mother no longer worry about my learning." Since the northern Curve Wrecker Baotuan agency was established, each Curve Wrecker quasi Curve Wrecker and is expected to be Curve Wrecker students actively and enthusiastically regardless of personal danger to join the society, in order to become a "sky" Curve Wrecker! Southwestern University of Finance and Economics: cold joke agency Xinancaida cold joke Association held regularly collect sharing jokes, every night by giving each member sends one or two students joke, adjust the mood of the day, to ease the pressure of study and physical and mental fatigue. Of course, in addition to these domestic rare "popular societies", American universities also exist in every kind of "hot eye" creative novelty community — University of Chicago, University of Chicago creative drama camp through the drama creative camp is indeed the "academic camp monster", these students preferred those re interpretation of medieval characters for a while, they dressed in armor, later held a grand banquet, and run to hear the tramp softly sing psalms lute music…… University of Michigan University of Michigan Club: Squirrel squirrel Club quite well-known, they said in What one says is plausible. page: we know that the squirrel has enough fat, but if you are a squirrel, your greatest happiness is slowly fat!" It is reported that the squirrels club members gather every week to practice how to feed peanuts to the fat and fat squirrels in the campus. This is also a beautiful scenery line of the school. Western Michigan University: Bread skin group chowhound Western Michigan University crusts chowhound noble and learned and group solidarity, but the name is not immediately at first glance, hold live? In fact, the pizza is often forgotten some of these young chowhound group members is the most favorite food: Pizza crust. University of North Michigan: the tree defenders Association, the tree defenders Association of the University of North Michigan, is dedicated to defending the woods. Members of the society will fly around the woods like the apes Taishan. (.

你不知道的这些大学社团 真是“辣眼睛”迎新过后,不少高校的社团迎新工作也全面展开。大学社团的个性化和多样化总能给人留下难以忘怀的印象。在众多大学社团中,总有辣么一些奇葩社团存在……北京大学:起床协会北京大学起床协会致力于团结北京大学广大“起床困难户”,为实现“早起、吃早饭、打早卡”伟大理想不断奋斗。据悉,该协会活动内容包括:各位会员约定起床时间,签到,共赴早饭,而后打卡。利用床协微信平台和公共主页等宣传媒介通报起床状况,交流感情,经常组织联谊,拓展“宅男宅女”交际圈等。东南大学:吃货联盟东南大学吃货联盟位于东南大学九龙湖校区。他们的宗旨是:食在东大,止于至膳!他们一直致力于为东南大学的吃货们提供一个交流的平台。清华大学:单身协会清华大学单身协会虽然名叫单协,实际上是欢迎各路脱单人士提供各种恋爱技术支持与恋爱经验交流、共享的协会。北京航空航天大学:学霸抱团社“自从加入了学霸抱团社,妈妈再也不用担心我的学习。”自北航学霸抱团社成立以来,各路学霸准学霸以及期望成为学霸的同学积极踊跃奋不顾身加入该社团,以期成为一名“仰望星空”的学霸!西南财经大学:冷笑话社西南财大冷笑话社团定期召开冷笑话收集交流分享会,每晚通过给每位社员发送一或两条冷笑话,调剂同学们一天的心情,缓解学习压力和身心疲惫。当然,除了国内这些少见的“冷门社团”之外,美国高校也存在着各式各样“辣眼睛”的创意新奇社团——芝加哥大学:穿越剧创意集中营芝加哥大学的穿越剧创意集中营不愧是“学术派怪物”的集中营,这些学员特别偏好重新演绎那些中世纪时期的角色,他们一会穿着盔甲,一会举行盛大的宴席,时而又跑去聆听流浪者轻声吟唱的鲁特琴声诗篇……密西根大学:松鼠俱乐部密西根大学的松鼠俱乐部颇为知名,他们在主页上振振有词地说:“我们知道那些松鼠已经够胖了,不过如果你也是只松鼠,你最大的幸福也是慢慢变胖吧!”据悉,松鼠俱乐部的成员每个星期都会聚集在一起,练习如何给校园里又肥又胖的松鼠喂花生。这也堪称该校的一道靓丽风景线。西密西根大学:面包皮吃货团西密西根大学的面包皮吃货团高贵又博学且团结一致,只是乍一听这个名字,是不是立马被hold住了?事实上,这些年轻的吃货团成员们最爱吃的是比萨饼经常被遗忘的部分——比萨皮。北密西根大学:树之捍卫者协会北密西根大学的树之捍卫者协会专为捍卫树林而生。该社团成员们会像人猿泰山一样在树林之间来回飞荡。(话说,加入这个协会之前可一定要买好人身意外保险。)如此多的创意社团,不正是学生丰富多彩大学生活的体现吗?在社团中结识与自己志同道合的朋友,相信这一定会是学生们大学生涯中浓墨重彩的一页篇章。相关的主题文章: