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You can’t do anything else! How important is it for mother to child reading? Heaven is a library, says Borges. Sue Home Linsky said: a child is not reading the learning potential of students. Reading, not only is the influence of the children’s language learning, let the children directly appreciate the beauty and power of the mother tongue, but also to enhance the spirit. Today and share the Tsinghua School Principal Dou Guimei a speech: you are not Chinese, the other is not, let’s take a look at what the Chinese can be more beautiful. Where did you put it? Su Buqing served as president of Fudan University said, "if you allow the Fudan University separate entrance examination, my opinion is the first lesson on Chinese, after the number of test papers. Unqualified, the following lessons do not test. You are not Chinese, the other is unable to learn". Why do I have to call the Chinese language, I repeatedly told. Because we don’t have the right to love our mother tongue. A child from the date of birth on the delineation of his national language and the spirit of life. A person’s language, in a sense, is his cultural literacy. We are now a little bit of understanding and reverence for the Chinese language. Our children also had some small stories and jokes, such as the use of "continued" sentences, students say: home, Dad continued to go home. How many fathers do you have? The children of today "one after another" this idiom really understand it. Our classroom is too busy now, our teacher is too busy, because our present teacher education is too pale. A new idiom, the teacher said to open the textbook, the idiom to draw you, you will be a test, so there is "my brother grew up," such a joke. The language must be greatly improved, no single fragmentation of our Chinese teaching has some problems, I personally feel that math is relatively warm. We are now in the reform, it is very necessary, for example, regardless of Arts and science. I came to Beijing for more than ten years, the language must be greatly improved, no single language teaching fragmentation. This is a question a few years ago I Beijing City: the following four sentences with connectives connected: 1, Zhang Haidi was paralyzed; 2, Zhang Haidi sister tenaciously learning; 3, Zhang Haidi sister learned many languages; 4, Zhang Haidi sister learned acupuncture. Correct answer: sister Zhang Haidi although paralyzed, but stubborn to learn, not only learned many languages, but also learned acupuncture. A child wrote: Although Zhang Haidi sister tenaciously learned acupuncture and many foreign language, but she is still paralyzed. A child wrote: Zhang Haidi sister not only learned a foreign language, but also learned acupuncture, she was so stubborn to learn, and finally paralyzed. Who is this? This is the western discourse system "because it can be" but the disaster, we lack too much. My daughter’s college entrance examination in 2008, when I put some papers used to do analysis,.相关的主题文章: