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Yao Ming Golf talk about Lippi: he’s really helpful? The]2016 Mission Hills World Star game ended, it is interesting for the hot news in recent football Xuanshuai, exchange views Yao Minghe friend: "you said the national team coach can really help China football?" Yesterday, the 2016 Mission Hills World Star Contest ended. Occupation group competition is fierce, on behalf of China team at the Rio Olympics teenager Li Haotong with two rounds of 78 points (39-39), won 1 points. Led by Yao Ming star group matching game is the most attractive, yesterday, the "little giant" Yao Ming to produce a satisfactory answer, he was enrolled in the "old gun group", a 81 year old partner Golf legend Gary · Pryor and 71 year old actress Michael · Douglas. Sure enough, the petite "Dark Knight" of Pryor Yao Ming 2.26 meters tall "against", Taiwan trophy stand on the hole, to challenge Yao Ming, a relatively high "". When he reached out to Yao Ming a "head and kill", especially with the little giant also exposed Yao style expression package ", the audience by this scene amused laughter. Yao Ming also changed the day before the downturn, in the 8 hole par 2 points, smooth, and in the 3 hole, 7 hole play bogey, won 1 points, made valuable contributions to the new team. Interestingly, Yao Ming goes there are fans, "paparazzi" also stole his whisper. For the hot news in recent football Xuanshuai, exchange views on Yao Ming and friends: "you said the new national team coach Chinese football can really help you, everyone is talking about this news now." Friends are also vague word, yes, even Yao Ming’s "star + occupation managers" are a bit confused. [awards] Li Haotong held the championship trophy excited (this video has nothing to do with the original content, only extended reading)相关的主题文章: