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Yang Xuemo: Gold retracement Mo chase tonight non-agricultural upcoming clients view the latest market at the beginning of the Week UK investors from holiday return to enlarge the market volatility, the U.S. consumer confidence data released the day once again beautiful, Shengxi speech and vice chairman of the Fed, $Index uplink mode on Monday rest after the restart, rose to three week high. In terms of crude oil, worries about oversupply continue to put pressure on oil prices, as well as the strength of the U.S. dollar, the market is expected to freeze agreement will not be achieved, and the API in New York late recorded increased, these factors suppress oil prices fell to two weeks low. The same data show that the U.S. consumer confidence index in August was better than expected, and the highest since September last year. The family is more optimistic about the job market, highlighting the U.S. economy experienced in the first half of the year is teeter to regain momentum, the job market is close to full employment, the Fed rate hike will depend on the pace of economic performance, can not simply think that the year will raise interest rates again, make analysis in the United States after economic data and Fisher author Yang Xuemo speech, the dollar index rose more than 0.5% liters of broken 96 integer mark, and hit a three week high; the three major U.S. stock indexes fell under pressure, gold New York time to expand the decline of nearly 1%, and refresh $1309.38 an ounce six week low. Today’s Wednesday as a "small non-agricultural", the market is bound to be small, you can say that the super week will be officially kicked off today. The first two days is just an appetizer. According to the current trend, 1300 to test ahead is not impossible. What is the potential, if today, ahead of time to touch, then I’m afraid this week will not be the lowest point of the three thousand mark! Of course, unless there’s a bounce back trend associated with tonight’s data, the rest of the two trading days will not be ruled out by unexpected rises, and that’s what we need to think about! Technical analysis: spot gold daily chart, yesterday closed the line before the falls down, do not have too big rebound improvement, the current price of gold near 1310-12 for daily BOLL line support, is now the most as a key support, if continue to Powei may hit the weekly BOLL 1303-05 trajectory line, above MA5 average suppression in the vicinity of 1318 temporary, 4 hours BOLL channel map down opening, STO has a low figure indicators MACD signs, average pressure of 1315 MA5, followed by MA10 moving average near 1318 days operation beware of possible a small wave of market rebound. Spot gold part of operation: more than 11312 near the small stop 1308, the target 1315-1318; 2, above 1318 short, stop 1322, target 1313-1310; financial data and events [] today focuses on Wednesday August 31, 2016 17:00 eurozone unemployment rate in July, the euro area in August CPI annual value 20:15 U.S. August employment ADP 20:30 GDP Canada in June the rate of 21:45 PMI in Chicago in August 22.

杨学沫:黄金回撤莫追空 今晚非农即将开幕 客户端 查看最新行情   周初英国投资者从假期中归来放大了市场波幅,当日公布的美国消费信心数据再度表现靓丽,加之美联储副主席的升息言论,美元指数在周一休整后重启上行模式,升至三周高位。原油方面,供应过剩的忧虑依然施压油价,加之美元走强,市场预期冻产协议不会达成以及纽约尾盘API录得增加,这些因素打压油价跌至两周低位。   同样的数据显示,美国8月消费者信心指数好于预期,且为去年9月以来最高。家庭对就业市场更加乐观,凸显美国经济在经历了步履蹒跚的上半年后正重拾动能,美国就业市场接近充分就业状态,美联储的加息步伐将取决于经济的表现,不可以简单地认为年内将加息一次,就笔者杨学沫做出分析在美国经济数据和费希尔讲话过后,美元指数上涨逾0.5%升破96整数大关,并触及三周高位;美国三大股指承压下跌,金价纽约时段扩大跌幅近1%,并刷新每盎司1309.38美元的六周低位。   今天周三作为“小非农”,行情必然也不小,可以说超级周将在今天正式拉开帷幕。前两天不过是开胃小菜而已。按目前的走势1300提前去试探也不是没有可能的事情。所谓时也,势也,如果今天提前就触及,那么恐怕本周千三关口仍将不是最低点!当然除非能结合今晚的数据来一出触底反弹的走势,那可能剩下的两个交易日也将不排除意外上涨的行情��而这就是我们需要考虑到的意外情况!   技术面分析:   现货黄金方面,日线图上昨日收线之前瀑布下跌,暂时没有太大反弹起色,目前金价1310-12附近为日线BOLL下轨线支撑,也算是眼下最为关键的一道支撑,若继续破位则有可能触及周线BOLL中轨线1303-05一线,上方MA5均线临时压制在1318附近,4小时图上BOLL通道向下开口,附图STO指标低位有结成金叉迹象,MA5均线压力1315,其次MA10均线1318附近,操作上谨防日内可能出现的一波小反弹行情。   现货黄金部分操作建议:   1,1312附近多,小止损1308,目标1315-1318;   2,上方1318做空,止损1322,目标1313-1310;   【今日重点关注的财经数据与事件】2016年8月31日周三   17:00欧元区7月失业率、欧元区8月CPI年率初值   20:15美国8月ADP就业人数   20:30加拿大6月GDP月率   21:45美国8月芝加哥PMI   22:00美国7月成屋签约销售指数月率   22:30美国至8月26日当周EIA原油库存 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: