YAHOO Japan test three days a week, may be promoted-truffe

YAHOO Japan test three days a week, may be promoted? "One Wednesday off" may soon be introduced in YAHOO japan. According to Kyodo News Agency reported that the company is currently exploring the use of this new system, the object is about 5800 employees. The system is likely to be phased out and gradually implemented by the Department, and in the early days, YAHOO is ready to change the day of two days a week to optional, no longer on Saturday and Sunday. From the beginning of October, there will be some new measures, for example, allow Shinkansen fare reimbursement, monthly to 150 thousand yen (about 9900 yuan) for the upper limit, in addition to allow days at the home office will also be a month from two days to five days. According to the Yahoo Japan Co President Miyasaka learned that launched the initiative, the main work is to achieve diversification, ensure excellent talents. At present, the average age of employees is about 35 years old, but with the increase of age, the need to take care of the elderly employees may increase the flexibility of the personnel system, to prevent employees who take care of the elderly and the resignation of the inconvenience, but also to attract talented people to join the practice. Japan’s IT talent accused of relatively weak, earlier data show that the United States more than 3 million IT talent, China and India, the number of personnel in this area is also more than japan. In July this year, the Japan information and communications conference had held a meeting to expand the scale of personnel in the field, the number will be increased to 2 million in the year to 2025. Not only that, the Japanese government has also taken a long time to reform the work of labor as an important issue. According to the report, about 22% of the Japanese work more than 49 hours a week, compared with only $16% in the United states. YAHOO Japan’s response to the government’s move may have some impact. The most obvious is that the increase of day of rest may result in increased staffing business too busy to attend to all, may lead to rising costs. However, before the Miyasaka school said in an interview, time and labor productivity is an important theme of business, although the existence of problems, but will try to do it. In fact, not only to try this system YAHOO. We have reported that in October last year, UNIQLO also started to implement a closed on Wednesday, the implementation of object for Japan’s 840 stores about 10 thousand did not work to mobilize employees. Under this system, employees will not change the level of wages per week, but the single day working hours will be extended from 8 hours to 10 hours. It is understood that the move is aimed at reducing the rate of employee turnover, help retain the elderly and children due to care for the resignation of employees and increase employment, etc.. The parent company quickly said that if the system proved to be successful, will be considered to implement to headquarters and more stores. Reporter Masuo Yokota published 2011 "The Glory and Disgrace of Uniqlo" ("UNIQLO" Honor Book), the disclosure of excessive overtime work has a lot in UNIQLO store managers, and UNIQLO this change, as in "firm.相关的主题文章: