Xuzhou a car speed lost illegally parked will ask the man would rather be punished-yuanjiao

Xuzhou a car speed lost illegally parked will ask the man would rather be cars illegally parked on the highway and the traffic police approached the driver of the punishment, the other is not anger against pleased, how is this going? The afternoon of October 2nd, the Xuzhou police deal with illegal acts on the Beijing Shanghai high-speed, the original vehicle is behind the car at high speed, lost on the road, the driver would be punished, also illegally parked to the police for help. In the afternoon, seven Xuzhou high-speed traffic police brigade police patrol to the Beijing Shanghai high-speed uplink K717 kilometers, found a black car parked in Xinyang speed into the Beijing Shanghai high-speed ramp, did not display the warning triangle, the rain flow line of sight is not good with the car it is easy to cause the accident, the police drove the car off to make propaganda. After leaving the car along the emergency Lane slow, stop and go, the police driving a police car followed and ordered by loudspeaker driver to improve the speed of car. However, not only did not accelerate the car parked in the emergency lane. Police immediately stepped forward to understand the situation, the driver of the vehicle after the arrest of illegal vehicles also went straight to the police car, the original, he lost. Qimou told the police that he was driving the car car from Suqian rushed to the Xinyi north ditch, when his vehicle and marriage team together, the way others drive faster, he gradually fall behind. After traveling a distance, Qi found himself lost his way. In order not to delay the dinner time, Qimou after police found, rather than illegal fined, also to the police for help. The police Qimou severely criticized education, non emergency parking behavior on the highway emergency Lane shall be fined 200 yuan note 6, Qimou laughed to accept the punishment, then carefully to the police asked the route. The traffic police department to remind the driver, during the national day of highway traffic, before the trip should be the route planning is good, if there is wrong and must not get lost free parking, continued to service area or to the toll station staff and police officers on duty for directions. Author: Ma Zhiya相关的主题文章: