Xiamen two men to help take the money fraud gang was caught sleeping replays.net

Xiamen two men take the money for fraud Gang sleeping was arrested by the Xiamen Network – Xiamen daily news (reporter Fang Shu correspondent Liu Fuzhong) they are for fraud Gang teller, is a full-time, also hired a "little brother"; it only took a sum of money. They are involved in the handling of the provincial public security department arrested in the case, eventually was arrested by Jimei police. Yesterday, the reporter learned that, since the thunder crucial action plan, Jimei branch to hunt down fugitives, the unit ministries supervise the warrant for arrest fugitive was established in November 2nd, the pursuit group, 5 consecutive arrested 2 fugitives campagnolo. He specially hired "little brother" to take the money in the crook of the circle, Anxi sumou mountain or some "famous", "you know, take the money he can find". Su Shan, 33 years old, Anxi, is the withdrawal of the driver". The so-called "driver" is a circle called, is designed to help people get some unidentified people money. Wife Chen suspects were arrested, but Su Shan fled. He had lived in Anxi long pit, then ran to his brother to hide, police said. In November 1st, Captain Zhang Feihai and the chief criminal fraud investigation squadron instructor Chen Jiangsheng team to Anxi. In November 2nd, the Bureau of the relevant departments accurate judgments, police in Anxi arrested Chengxiang police station under the strong support, Su shan. "He was still sleeping, did not think we would catch up with his brother." Police You Weifeng said. According to reports, Su Shan began to do this activity since 2014, to escape arrest, to let his wife to come forward with "little brother". He said that after doing so Cai Mouqing was arrested, has been said, "he did it this time". He took the money, is open in Jimei, ms.. July, Ms. Lee through the Internet search, search to a company that can be customized to do POS machine, bought a POS machine. From the beginning of August, many parents have to pay tuition fees through the POS machine, a total of 150 thousand yuan has not been credited to the account. Lee call each other, the other said that due to system upgrades, the need to exchange the same amount of money can be used again. Ms. Lee remitted the money, the result is not. "You will send $50 thousand to our technical staff, Ms. Lee has paid 300 thousand yuan and 50 thousand yuan remitted teeth. The case cracked, fled to the ATM fraud gang Cai Mouqing, the police will he online pursuit, and go to the domicile of Anxi kuidou families do work. In November 5th, Cai Mouqing in Guangxi, Nanning to the group of fugitives surrender. According to reports, Cai Mouqing had legitimate work, due to the lack of money on the promise of a partner to pay an invitation, along with help in Lee case profit 1.3 yuan.相关的主题文章: