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Gao Jing: Summer spot asphalt shock fall short power with the client to view the latest market news on Tuesday (February 23rd) has just formed a good risk appetite again dissipated on Monday, with the stock market and the oil market fell, hedging renewed on Tuesday. Chinese down the central parity of RMB to suppress the market risk appetite in dollars rose during the temporary consolidation. Crude oil, the Saudi oil will not reduce the firm speech once again suppressed the last glimmer of hope on the market, coupled with the United States API crude oil inventory data increased, oil prices in Tuesday’s vote again failed, closing down 4%. The trend of stock price volatility fell yesterday of asphalt surface, the daily recorded a long Yin candle, trying to break through the weekly pressing zone after unsuccessful once again out of the downward trend, the formation of shock signal between yin and Yang daily, short-term price operation and development in the rail and the average system near Brin, Bollinger Bands present slightly go flat shock forms, accompanying trend continuation after finishing operation to pick up a low, short-term price fluctuated in the current structure of the under existing Powei downside risk; four hours on the current price of signs of dropping tear cloth under the forest track, but the intensity is relatively limited, formed above the average system Sicha short-term weak structure arrangement, more obvious the hook head down, trend index remains short of trend in operation, the short-term price in the bad news under the influence of a weak Potential downward structure, daily attention from the effectiveness of the 13501320 support, upward 14001440 pressure value, the operation is recommended to rebound short mainly, low more than a single supplement. The spot pitch days for reference operation 1, hit 1420-1430 short, stop 1460, target 1380-1360; 2, hit 1330-1340, stop 1300, target 1380-1400; analysis of the trend of the price of silver spot silver disk shock yesterday rose slightly, daily recorded with a line introduced a small positive column, prices continue to shock in the early stage of repair long negative pregnancy body, daily prices remain at the current near the 510 day moving average system development, Bollinger Bands show opening short-term upward trend, the price of silver in the development between the Bollinger rail, the bottom of the average system continues long strong emotions, but also by the short-term upward trend indicators appear heavier, accompanying signs of adjustment in the fall adjusted high; four hour chart Bollinger band maintained flat development, prices continue in the vicinity of the rail running short During the period of development in the diverging shock environment, the first price convergence in the interval 3180-3260 in operation, accompanying trend indicators uplift signs within the first note change interval, broken bits will develop the new trend, the proposed operation first after more than empty. Spot asphalt daily reference operation advice 1, touch 3250-3260 short, stop 3290, target 3220-3200; 2, touch 3180-3190, do more, stop 3160, target 3220-3240; Sina statement: Sina published this article for the transfer of more information.

夏高静:现货沥青震荡回落 多空力量纠缠不清 客户端 查看最新行情   市场动态消息   周二(2月23日)刚刚在周一形成了良好的风险偏好情绪再度消散,伴随着股市和油市的下跌,避险交易在周二重燃。中国下调人民币中间价打压市场风险偏好,美元在上涨过程中暂时整固。原油方面,沙特油长不会减产的坚定言论再度打压了市场上最后一丝减产的希望,再加上美国API原油库存数据大增,油价在周二的交投中再度败下阵来,收盘大跌4%。   现货沥青盘面走势分析   价格昨日震荡回落,日线上录得一根长阴烛,在尝试突破周线压制带未果后再次走出回落趋势,日线上形成阴阳交替的震荡信号,短期价格运行发展于布林中轨及均线系统带附近,布林带当前呈现略微走平的震荡形态,附图趋向延续低位回暖后的整理结构运行,短期价格陷入当前的宽幅震荡结构之下,存在破位下滑风险;四小时图上价格当前出现跌落撕裂布林下轨的迹象,然力度相对有限,上方均线系统形成死叉排列,短期出现较为明显的弱势结构,附图趋向指标勾头下行保持空头趋势运行中,短期价格在利空消息影响下呈现弱势下滑结构,日内关注来自1350 1320支撑有效性,上行1400 1440压力值,操作上建议反弹做空为主,低位多单为辅。   现货沥青日内供参考操作建议   1、触及1420-1430做空,止损1460,目标1380-1360;   2、触及1330-1340做多,止损1300,目标1380-1400;   现货白银盘面走势分析   银价昨日震荡微升,日线上录得一根带上引线的小阳柱,价格延续在前期长阴孕体内震荡修复,日线上价格保持在当前5 10日均线系统附近发展,短期布林带呈现开口上行趋势,银价发展于布林中上轨之间,下方其他各均线系统延续较强的多头情绪排列,然短期上行受制同样较重,附图趋向指标在高位调整后出现回落调整迹象;四小时图上布林带维持持平的状态发展,价格延续在中轨附近运行,短期在发散形的震荡环境中发展,价格首要收敛在区间3180-3260内运行,附图趋向指标出现抬升迹象,日内首要留意区间内的变化,破位则将拓展新的趋势,操作上建议先多后空。   现货沥青日内供参考操作建议   1、触及3250-3260做空,止损3290,目标3220-3200;   2、触及3180-3190做多,止损3160,目标3220-3240; 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: