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Install X weapon: Mac OS X 10.12 will eventually support Siri- Sohu digital Siri voice assistant was born in iOS mobile platform, last year entered the Apple Watch watches and Apple TV TV box, and then finally into the Mac OS X desktop and notebook. Apple will release its next major version of the desktop operating system Mac OS X in June this year at the WWDC 2016 Developers Conference, Fuji (Mt Fuji, Japan) 10.12, and eventually introduce Siri. In fact, at least since 2012, Apple has been testing OS X Siri in-house. The Siri inside Mac doesn’t appear in the notification center, nor will it be the full screen style on the mobile device, but it will be placed in the menu bar. Similar to the Spotlight magnifier icon, the upper right corner of the menu bar will have a Siri icon, which can activate voice control at any time, and support keyboard shortcuts. After the user clicks the Siri button, a black translucent Siri interface appears in the upper right corner of the screen, and the voice input is displayed by color sound waves. However, this function is still being tested and improved, and it may change before it is released. OS X Fuji 10.12 will fine tune the user interface of core system applications, but it will not change much, and will continue to optimize and enhance performance. In addition, apple is also expected to release iOS 10 this fall, accompanied by iPhone 7.

装X利器:Mac OS X 10.12终将支持Siri-搜狐数码  Siri语音助手诞生于iOS移动平台,去年进入了Apple Watch手表和Apple TV电视盒,接下来终于要走入Mac OS X台式机和笔记本了。   苹果将在今年六月份的WWDC 2016开发者大会上发布其桌面操作系统Mac OS X的下一个重大版本Fuji(日本富士山) 10.12,最终引入Siri。事实上至少从2012年开始,苹果就在内部测试OS X Siri了。   Mac里边的Siri不会出现在通知中心,也不会是移动设备上的全屏样式,而是会放在菜单栏里。   类似Spotlight放大镜图标,菜单栏右上角会有一个Siri图标,可随时激活语音控制,并支持键盘快捷键操作。   用户点击Siri按钮之后,屏幕右上角会出现一个黑色半透明的Siri界面,以彩色声波显示语音输入。   不过,这一功能仍在测试改进中,发布之前可能还会有所变化。   OS X Fuji 10.12会微调核心系统应用的用户界面,但变化不会太大,同时还会继续优化增强性能。   另外,苹果还有望在今年秋天发布iOS 10,伴随iPhone 7而来。相关的主题文章: