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Wuhan property market regulation and control policies to upgrade the local purchase of third sets of reporters Liao Qiao Jiangcheng property market regulation policy tightened again. Last night, the city issued a new property, in 10 main urban area, the city residence of the family is prohibited to buy third homes, non residence in the city to provide the city for 2 years of social security or payment of personal income tax, and not pay the cognizance of the new deal, will go into effect today. The local household purchase third Suites last night, the city released an upgraded version of the property market regulation policy, put forward to strengthen the property purchase restrictions to limit credit measures, effectively increase the supply of residential land, and the land market to prevent housing prices rising too fast, to strengthen the management of commercial housing pre-sale permit, increase the real estate market supervision, strengthen information disclosure and public opinion guidance six measures. Specifically, the control policy in October 3rd with the upgrading of regional credit limit restriction area, namely, Jiang’an and Jianghan, Hanyang, Wuchang, Qiaokou District Qingshan, Hongshan, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone (excluding Hannan), East Lake ecological tourism scenic spot. This means that the new city is still not within the scope of the policy adjustment. In the restricted area, the purchase policy more stringent. Among them, the local people to buy the first set of housing (including new housing and second-hand housing, the same below), for commercial loans, the minimum down payment of 30%. In the city has a set of housing, in the region to buy ordinary commodity housing, the minimum down payment ratio of 50%, the purchase of non ordinary commodity housing, the minimum down payment ratio of 70%. In the city has more than two sets of residential and suspended the sale of housing. Compared with the previous policy, the most obvious change is the local people are prohibited to buy third homes, if the purchase of second sets of commercial housing for non ordinary housing, the minimum Shoufu ratio will rise from 50% to 70%, significantly increase the cost of housing. At the same time, for foreigners, in the purchase of the purchase of the first set of housing area, shall provide the date of purchase from the first 2 years (including two years) continuously in the city to pay social insurance or personal income tax, to pay not to recognize social insurance and personal income tax, business loan lowest Shoufu ratio 30%. To have a set of housing in the city, to suspend the sale of housing. This is a new policy that provides two years of social security or tax proved to be necessary for foreigners to purchase, at the same time, the new deal also blocked the assault, pay the social security tax loopholes. Increase the supply and prevent high price in simultaneously put forward the corresponding enhanced credit limit restriction measures at the same time, the new deal also put forward control measures from land sources. The new deal made it clear, optimize the rhythm of land supply, a modest increase in the total supply, to ensure the completion of the 2016 annual housing supply plan. Among them, in addition to installment has been released for residential project construction area and construction, completion time, also requested the corresponding construction did not start land by case by case handling, cleaning, handling etc.. This means that the city will be more stringent measures to combat hoarding of land, and through the supervision of the start, the deadline for completion, green approvals, etc., to ensure an effective supply as soon as possible. The new deal for high land prices also made targeted measures. In accordance with the new.相关的主题文章: