World Cup nine Hot pot first prize 23 thousand note 352 yuan lformat

World Cup nine "Hot pot" 23 thousand note first prize 352 yuan, nine lottery Beijing time on October 7th, the nine 16151st lottery announced. The first prize 23886 note 352 yuan. This period any nine betting amount of $13166180. The focus of confrontation, the Orangemen lost 0-1 to visit the Syria team, Iran beat Uzbekistan, Italy 1-1 draw with rivals Spain europe. The other 12 finals 2 games, UAE home court 3-1 win over Thailand, Saudi 2-2 draw with australia. The other 8 world champions, only Iceland and Ireland home court win, Austria 2-2 draw with Welsh, Turkey and Ukraine, Moldova, Macedonia and other 4 team sunday. The South American pre, Ecuador 3-0 victory over chile. China Wuzibie winning color sand to the United Arab Emirates Special Olympics Ireland Italy Liechtenstein Limoerduo Macedonia Iceland Turkey London Kosovo Ecuador reminder: the deadline for the period of awarding the December 6, 2016, overdue for Qijiang processing football lottery quiz screenings Shengping Fu optional 9 Statistics (percentage) 16151 ranking number and name field popular guess guess guess the proportion of negative proportion of flat wins the proportion of the actual results of the competition Chinese VS Syria 70.21 24.26 5.53 38.65 33.6 27.75 Welsh of Austria VS Turkey VS Ukraine 51.82 34.96 13.22 Saudi VS Australia 11.89 37.88 50.23 25.49 40.76 33.75 Wuzibie Italy VS Spain VS Iran 16.48 40.91 42.61 44.37 26.59 VS Ecuador Chile 29.04 Irish VS Georgia 80.03 17.87 2.1 83.36 14.34 2.3 United Arab Emirates VS Thailand Moldova 2 VS Serbia 314.17 83.8 0.81 6.77 92.41 Alba charged at VS相关的主题文章: