Work is not happy after 90 how many words resignation-spyair

How much work is not happy after 90 yiyanbuge resigned this year just graduated from the publicity, apply to a work many branches of state-owned enterprises in overseas, wages are not high, often have the opportunity to study abroad, 3 years the car is not a dream. This is a let students envy, but Yang quit in a month ago. "Can you imagine the exact same thing at work every day? That feeling is terrible." Zhang shriveled mouth said, "if you continue to stay here, the basic can be predicted before I retire at the end of time, and now I am old but identical." Such as publicity, a word does not agree with the resignation of a few people. According to Mycos Institute released this year data show that the 2011 session of undergraduate average employer within 3 years for two, 8% undergraduate students after graduation are 4 and more than 38% employers, who graduated in 3 years only worked for 1 employers, less than 40% of people in a position to be two years still crush". Follow the leadership of such a promising future and publicity, just two months of work, Li Li, recently also in order not to change jobs and tangled. Li Li was born in 1990 in Guizhou professional resources and environmental engineering at the University of a fresh graduates, good grades in school, before graduation is a fancy environmental testing organization, engaged in environmental testing work. However, after working for some time, Li Li began to doubt his choice: small size, the system is not perfect, often need to stay up late to write the test report." The most difficult for her to accept is that the boss sometimes hinted that she faked. The boss is a more than and 40 year old middle-aged man, not what passion, he led the whole team indolence. We work every day except say duanzai, is visiting the Taobao?" Li Li raised the tone, "the team atmosphere is too bad." Along with the boss in several of his clients feel entertainment, which makes Li Li very tricky, stand firm determination to resign. Li Li began to quietly resume on the Internet, not long before another employer issued an invitation to her. Li Li intends to go to look at, worried that if it is a pit". Beijing, a university law school graduate Guizhou girl Chen Tingting has a similar experience. On the eve of graduation, she entered Guiyang, a private enterprise, when the Secretary in the office. No entry for long, she found herself and the boss "out of gas". Less than 5 months into the job, she decided to resign. Chen Tingting said that the main reason for his resignation is not the salary is not high, after all he had just graduated did not expect to receive high salaries, but not the boss does not want the doings, to change ourselves. After the resignation of Chen Tingting did not immediately start looking for a new job, but to a walk on the go. After the end of the trip, the university students, she successfully applied to a legal department of Real Estate Company. The work of a professional counterpart Chen Tingting full of expectations. With the company’s business more and more, overtime became the norm, the corresponding overtime pay in Chen Tingting seems to be pitiful. "I talked to my boss相关的主题文章: