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Why should the Chinese Navy sail training ship? The reason that the Sino Japanese defeat before the Chinese Navy’s first sailing training ship "waves", then ship troops officially formed, this marks the people’s Navy sequence will be added this important vessels sail training ship. Chinese Navy’s first sail training ship waves "renderings. Sail training ship, also known as sail training ship, is the main engine as a sail, diesel engine as an auxiliary power training ship. In the 2017 launch of the "waves" sail training ship design for a fully equipped clipper, its complete functions, perfect facilities, good seaworthiness, mainly used for naval cadets and sea seaman training. The sailing training ship will play an irreplaceable important role in the training of ocean navigation skills, the transfer of naval culture, and the development of military exchanges with other countries. To sum up, there are five advantages. First, it is helpful to improve the comprehensive quality of cadets. At present, our navy cadets for navigation training using sampans and large ocean going training ship. The two training ship there is a big difference in the design function, two kinds of training courses required a transitional ship to join and supplement. The sail training ship can make up for the training". Sail training ship provides a good platform and training environment, to enable trainees to learn the most primitive marine seaman work from the voyage, practicing to astrologers, knowledge of hydrology, climb the mast, sail cable, tie a knot and other basic seamanship skills and traditional navigation skills. In the information war, once the advanced navigation systems and other equipment on the warship was destroyed by the enemy, these skills will come in handy. In addition, by fighting the storm, gallop ocean Qinliqinwei, can exercise body, exercise training, naval officers and men of guts, courage and fighting spirit. Most of the action on the yacht, for example, raise the sail and paddle all need a lot of people together to complete. This habit and action will pull together in times of trouble "natural cohesion collective, is helpful to cultivate students and sense of team cooperation spirit, seaman. The famous "constitution" in the United States Navy’s only active barque frigate, has served more than 200 years. Second, is conducive to the cultural heritage of naval service. A country and a nation that are unfamiliar to the sea may buy the finest ships, but not the will of the sea and the theory of naval warfare. Therefore, the so-called "Asia first" of the Northern Navy defeat in the Sino Japanese war. If China wants to go deep blue, it is necessary to cultivate its own naval culture and marine culture. Most of the people who have gone on a sailing training ship have such a feeling: standing on a sail training ship, as if through history, will make people more deeply understand the meaning of the navy. For navigation training using the sail training ship, can achieve zero distance contact with the sea, so that the students direct experience of marine meteorology, hydrology, tides, ocean currents, deep thinking factors affecting the military action, profound feelings of awe in the marine culture, excellent moral character marine, Navy special color culture in the process of inheritance cast sailors. Third, reduce the cost effectiveness ratio. Sailing training ship structure and equipment is relatively simple, less tonnage, the displacement of more than 1000 to 3000 tons. General.相关的主题文章: