White Sichuan police successfully arrested the murder suspect fled 10 years (Figure)-1256789

White Sichuan police successfully arrested the murder suspect fled 10 years (Figure) found the suspect hiding in the gun room. The police for white figure Beijing, October 8 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter Liu Zhongjun) reporter from the evening of 8 Sichuan Baiyu County Public Security Bureau was informed that the police after 10 years of unremitting efforts, the success will be an important suspect on suspicion of 2006 Tibet Jomda County Township Village in the jade shot samba and 2009 Bassoon, gang members Renzhen arrested. Police informed that on September 3, 2009 at 5:30 in the morning, Baiyu county public teachers killed in Anze Ren pointed auspicious county bridge. The case caused by the provincial public security organs, the state attaches great importance to, and set up a task force on the case to start the detection, through the efforts of successfully cracked the first local gangs case, has arrested 8 suspects, there are 2 suspects in the escape. By the police, has uncovered 3 cases of intentional homicide cases, explosion case 1, intentional injury of 2 cases, 1 cases of illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, Baiyu County Public Security Bureau also awarded the collective merit. In the detection of 9.3 series of cases ", Baiyu County police found a fugitive suspects benevolence really, and in mid March 2006 in Tibet Jomda County Xiang Yi Yu Cun shootings, the police immediately on two cases and detection, but the suspect Renzhen is very cunning, several times to escape the police after the chase, no audio. "For 10 years, we have repeatedly group task force analysis and investigation of the case, has rushed to Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu and other places to start the pursuit of no results." Baiyu County Public Security Bureau responsible person, in 2016 on the eve of national day, wired cable said the suspect may have been returned to Baiyu County Jinsha Township Village card. It is understood that the Jinsha Township village from the white card and Tibet County 127 kilometers, Jomda County Township in jade village across the river, starting from the county to climb to an altitude of 4000 meters high, steep and rugged mountain of Bashan. "At every opportunity and one of the suspects" white police after hearing the news, quickly organized police arrest. Go to the village of Jin Sha Gang Village Road on the way there are 2 cars have a rest, because the road is too bad originally only 3 hours by car, walked for more than 5 hours. Arrived in the village card before dawn, in order to avoid disturb the suspect, police involved in the arrest in from the village there are 2 kilometers off and walk forward, while the night will be surrounded by the suspect hiding houses. After dawn, the police began to arrest by barking village four, police immediately taken to the house propaganda way, urging the suspect with the check, but the door closed and no one responded. Because the suspect is desperate and may also carry firearms, police then fired warning shots, but the house is still no response. According to the situation, make a prompt decision command ordered bang, police use bullet proof shield broke in and search on the first floor of the stairs found the suspect, the police quickly subdued. Subsequently, the police on Renzhen hiding houses launched a search carefully, the scene seized 1 small caliber rifles, 1 pistols, explosives imitation 54.相关的主题文章: