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Business Cameroon is a country in West Africa situated between Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria. The country is known for her native styles of music, particularly makossa and bikutsi, and for her successful national football team. The languages spoken in Cameroon are French, English and 24 major local dialects. Cameroon happens to be one of the most culturally diverse countries in Africa. Her people include ancient tribal kingdoms, Muslim pastoralists and forest dwelling pygmies. Cameroon is endowed with lakes, rivers and mountains and for those who love adventure, the forests offer some interesting places to explore. Some of the places include Musa Heritage Gallery; here you will find both Cameroonian and western arts and crafts. This Gallery is internationally recognized for having produced exquisite masterpieces that have attracted many. Waza National Park which covers a total area of 1,700 sq km and which was initially used as a hunting reserve is famous for hunting adventures and long trecking through the jungle while enjoying the green vegetation. Mt Cameroon, the highest mountain in central and West Africa is the most popular tourist destination in Cameroon. Adventurers and hikers find this place fascinating. Trekking in this mountain is a once in a lifetime experience. For those who are already exhausted, there are tin roofed huts for hikers to rest and stay. The renown volcano of Cameroon known locally as Mount Faka and the Chariot of the gods is a major tourist draw in Cameroon. If you like real adventure, Camp Maan National Park should be your destination. Here, visitors can camp for the day amidst various plants and wild animals. Elephants, lowland gorillas, giant pangolins, Chimpanzees, hippos, mandrills and black Columbus are some of the animals you will encounter here. Eco-tourists should not deny themselves the numerous number of plants and flower species and the rich biodiversity. You cannot conclude your visit to Cameroon without sampling her wide range of mouth watering dishes. Salads, chicken fish, with some of the .mon elements being feuille, or manioc leaves couscous or fufu, made from rice, plantains or corn and brochettes, grilled and spiced meat into bread while the plates of fruit for dessert are fantastic. Cameroon is a conservative nation, so visitors are obliged to respect the religion and customs of the local group they meet. When dressing, avoid shorts and bared shoulders. If you must take pictures, ask for permission from the locals and also avoid photographing any government or military buildings; your camera is likely to be confiscated. Nightlife in Cameroon is characterized by pubs and discos which are mostly concentrated in big towns. The use of the various musical instruments, both traditional and modern, to ac.pany the musicians playing in the discos and nightclubs gives Cameroons nightlife a unique flavor. If you appreciate culture, the nightlife in Cameroon is the place to be. The best time to visit Cameroon is during the cooler, drier months of November to February. The caveat is the harmattan – the winds that blow sand south from the Sahara and turn skies sandy gray from December to February. On bad days, visibility can be reduced to 1km or even less, delaying or canceling flights and spoiling views. Also, the May to November rainy season turns Cameroon into a sea of mud and makes travel even more difficult than the harmattan. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: