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No car car crash tireless when [secret] Chinese type driving habits – Sohu car [produced] secret two cars the same car, respectively, to two people, after a long time, the two car condition will produce different results, which may be a new condition, and the other one can advance in the scrap factory? This is the difference in driving habits. The car itself is not a natural treasure and consumables, and your economic strength is equal, but because the car problems arising from the hidden danger to the personal safety, this result is somewhat The loss outweighs the gain.. There are always careless owners, through the deceleration zone, often only slightly reduce the speed a little, then the pressure like Sahuan " ". A little bit more careful of the owner, will press the deceleration zone by the side of the wheel, the side of the wheel flat road way passing. They believe that this approach can not only reduce the speed, but also can face car tire and suspension damage reduce the uneven road. In fact, for the two kinds of driving through the reduction method with the high speed through the deceleration zone will do a lot of damage to the vehicle suspension system is used, even by the way side tires will have no small impact on the suspension system. When the vehicle passes through the deceleration belt, it will have a certain impact on the vehicle, but if the speed is low, the impact will be controlled within the range of the vehicle. Once the high speed will increase the impact of the impact on the vehicle damage. When the owner of the side tires with slow way, will cause errors on the deceleration value judgment, and for vehicles to pass through the deceleration zone that side suspension would be more vulnerable, and causing the vehicle suspension system of bilateral uneven force. It is hard to observe the shock absorber, spring and suspension of the vehicle, but they are also vulnerable parts of the vehicle. Slow down in advance over the ditch over the ridge, and don’t let the vehicle abruptly rushed past, but this does not guarantee the ride comfort, but also to protect the spring, shock absorber, suspension. Many owners on the curb when jumped on to show the excellent driving technology. In any case, the shock absorber or spring of the vehicle will no longer match your control. In the cold winter, many people have taken place long time idling hot car way. But in fact, place the idle hot car not only had little effect, but also a waste of time and gasoline. When the engine is in the condition of no load, the temperature climb is quite slow, that is to say, the engine in idle state takes a long time to reach the normal operating temperature. Long time idle will lead to the combustion of gasoline is not sufficient to produce carbon. Therefore, the correct approach should be in situ hot immediately after 2-3 minutes on the road, but because of the engine and traditional system have not yet reached the normal working temperature, so this will still need to speed control at a low level (should not exceed 2000 rpm). The water temperature rise to a reasonable level before the high speed running. There are always some lazy drivers, like waiting for the light to go after the gas station. Not knowing your car’s life if things go on like this, the pump may be greatly reduced. Because now the car相关的主题文章: