What is the gold pit rumors hit the a major contradiction-pigeon blood

Rumors hit gold pit A shares currently the main contradiction is what? The article comes from the micro signal: love shares (stock22) securities times as the Commission designated letter Phi media, authoritative no doubt, but today’s disappointing performance. For "6000 to hundreds of millions of insurance will gradually withdraw from the article" A shares, the blade was shocked. China Insurance Regulatory Commission is only the normal specification of high interest insurance products, which have the article said so serious? To attract attention with alarmist headlines, spread panic, and then lead to market volatility, there is a serious loss of media credibility. Until closing, the CIRC stand out to appease the market "to clarify the rumors:" the market for the "600 billion universal insurance will gradually withdraw A shares" rumors, China CIRC relevant responsible person pointed out that the rumor is not real. China Insurance Regulatory Commission will further play the advantages of long-term investment for the real economy and the development of the capital market to provide long-term stable funding. Li Daxiao interpretation, this time is relatively tricky: insurance funds into the stock market is a big trend, this is not a reversal of the specification. Mo panic. Disk before the blade is in love APP live stock tips; ‘six hundred billion this kind of news headlines, destined to hit the gold pit! Radical friends, you can bargain hunters! At present, the growing shortage of assets, huge insurance funds to increase the value, we must find investment channels, you don’t let it go to the property market into the stock market, don’t add fuel to the flames? The disk, today is generally a rebounded bottom of the trend, the market is just the lowest point for 20 days. In this position, funds hunters have waited a long time, the continuous influx of bargain hunting, the index decline narrowed. Turnover increased by 510 billion compared with yesterday. Stocks, gaosongzhuan is the biggest hot all day long, unilateral concussion high morale, pagoda industry, Huang, Wu Tong, Jinke entertainment holdings four shares limit. The single highest price close to Vanke Jingxian, turned red, from the concept of Jiakai City, Langfang Hengda development trend. The scheme will be released restructuring of Baosteel, iron and steel supply side reforms to accelerate, steel Minguang was trading in early trading, steel hand brokerage, today become the main force to support the market, and real estate, will continue to adjust the color. Wanda privatization and ant service concept, the general decline in the larger, almost occupy the top screen decline. With the index rebound, the main funds to start self-help, late a lot of stocks pulled straight, eventually a total of 40 shares closed limit. In the popular new plate and gaosongzhuan drive part, short of funds into multi camp defection. On the market outlook, the short term, China Insurance Regulatory Commission to clarify the rumors to help ease the panic, tomorrow is expected to continue to rebound. Midline, the central bank reverse repurchase triggered monetary tightening, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates expected to rise, but also because the deleveraging process continues, and then return to 3100 points takes time. Technically, the shrinking callback is healthy. After carrying this round of bad bombing, the probability will be reversed upward! Money + low interest rates + asset shortage, can not invest in industry, do not want to take the high disk real estate, not cast P2P…… Universal insurance does not let buy, aunt who should roll up their sleeves in the market!相关的主题文章: