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The single tool failure their large amount of reading WeChat public brush a Sina injection technology news September 29th noon news, today’s news broke the news, said WeChat brush tool failure recently. By comparing the number of changes in the number of large numbers of WeChat public reading, you can find that there is indeed a part of the account number of reading plummeted. In a large case, found that sina science and technology research, the last day to read the headlines were above 20 thousand, and the amount of reading headlines yesterday evening, at around 12:00 today, only two thousand. A large number of 27, 28, two, according to the circle of friends to read the headlines rumors, WeChat marketing number and the number of soft text will encounter difficulties, because the brush is always bad to click on the tools". At the same time, there is news that the emergence of the single brush problem is because Tencent changed the WeChat interface, resulting in the usual means of failure single brush. Technical staff said that the need to re brush brush. Biography WeChat brush tool failure single WeChat brush is not new, a little search will be able to find the entrance of this gray industrial chain. For example, QQ group search WeChat read, you can see the following picture: QQ group search screenshot screenshot of the operators will be like the other entities of the goods, like the operator, the statement of their own business is reliable. "15 yuan one thousand, do not rush orders, the wording of frank;" single run single link is the lowest, one thousand single "," rules to understand; arrange early, early, early to finish, "look, their business is also very popular. As for WeChat scalping operation specifically how, given Wei Feng Network "brush" close-up photo: WeChat "brush" the number of fans and the number of readers is an important basis for promoting the use of WeChat public number, have circulated on the Internet WeChat public number large price list, which many price headline article account number up to 6 digits. According to industry sources, WeChat public number is one of the most important channels to promote all channels. However, the sudden accident, may hit some investors will promote. Perhaps it is time to look at their own attention to whether the tuba is worth continuing to focus on. (Li Nan)相关的主题文章: