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Wear this tights makes you feel authentic touch Tencent digital news in the world of VR (compiled: Guti) virtual reality now ordinary consumers can obtain high quality through the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift experience, and eye tracking technology seems to have become the development trend of the next step in the field of virtual reality. But you have to consider, in addition to the eye tracking, touch input, how to feel the environment in the virtual world, such as being caught arm or wind blowing, how to realize these more realistic touch? Recently, developers have developed a virtual reality clothing called Skinterface. The inventor of Skinterface includes Ka Kei Suen, Charlotte Furet, George Wright and Andre MacQueen, both from the Royal College of Art in london. Skinterface is essentially a garment that is not satisfied with the matrix type magnetic sound vibration patch. Each node patch can enter a specific sound, and these patches will send a specific waveform to allow the vibration of the magnet, and different waveforms will produce different vibrations. Each magnetic patch works independently and has multiple modes of operation. The complex waveform can be used to control the direction of movement, and can achieve different strength, form, temperature and feel. At the same time, Skinterface can also display different colors through the node, and through the 3D camera motion tracking. With the user in the virtual reality space activities, Skinterface will bring different feelings, and spread to the whole body. The team’s next goal is to make the user feel hands grip feeling. The main idea behind Skinterface is that the skin is the most important organ in the human body, and we can feel the sensation of the keyboard, the top of the head and the soft seat through the skin. Therefore, the skin has become the main media in our communication with the world, and not just through visual observation faces. VR game in the end what magic? Messi was also obsessed with the iron man! In fact, the team demonstrated its results for the first time in April this year at the Milan fashion week, and also provides a prototype glove that can be extended from the real world to the virtual world through a special framework. In addition to gloves, Skinterface’s booth also includes embedded sensors, as well as the simulation has tactile hands, people can feel the touch from others. Skinterface is mainly intended to introduce physical touch into the virtual reality world, and through the real world into the computer simulation environment. And through the transcendence of the two states, can make people and objects in the virtual world of communication, to achieve more entertainment, the future will be more potential applications. At present, the sense of touch is one of the main goals of the development of virtual reality field, in addition to Skinterface, there are similar to the hope that the introduction of Emteq.相关的主题文章: