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"We share the delicious Joe Chen" chowhound was for him to get rid of the Sohu   2 Sohu Joe Chen entertainment; entertainment news Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" continued to force, on Friday 20:20 broadcast eighth. In last week’s show, Joe Chen, Sheenah, Karen Mok, Xi Mengyao composed "chowhound F4 continues the" eat non-stop "mode, a few" eat not fat "the constitution is also let the audience envy. Say "chowhound food does not grab", but Joe Chen, but called the top chowhound will share their delicacy, chowhound so generous give love why? Love love you more delicacy Thanksgiving star staff chowhound in last week’s show, ten star came to the town of Tengchong, the washboard, ducks and other props to carry out interesting photography contest. In photography, Yuan Hong Sheenah split pose kneel made atmosphere, Carina Lau bent down to wash the scarf in the river, and the stars is best. But when the selection of photographs, because at the point of the meal, to pick chowhound photos of the incident has completely ignored, just kept eating, just for taking pictures of effort behind, let captain Yuan Hong almost anxious eyes. I eat every link, "chowhound F4" must "shine", this time to see their love Ming Xi beans tip, then directly started grabbed, unaware of the image. Then she also said that she would like to catch Sheenah to eat, because she looks like a bean. While Sheenah is in the fight, the challenge of a bowl than her head is also large Yunnan subway line. When we are immersed in the world of food, but Joe Chen has been working hard to pay attention to the staff have not yet eaten, they take the initiative to share their favorite food. Under her leadership, Karen Mok, Sheenah also joined the ranks, with the program team staff to share food, and sincerely expressed his gratitude and respect for the hard work of the staff. "We are coming" the family is a family of this is the most real "we" in the program aired last week, we came to the guests and the warmth of the interaction between the staff of the show group was well received. More loyal audience carefully sorted out from inside and outside the program guests and staff love interaction: Joe Chen in Chengdu Railway Station KTV link to share the night pasta photographers and Angie Chiu a way to thank the staff backstage with Karen Mok, Bo thanked the production team carefully produced, Xu Jiao Bo praised the show still photographer etc.. "Chinese women civilization beauty" as the leading "we come", to explore the city culture Chinese program into a deep affection, between the star guests and staff of friendship is one of them. Remove the idol burden, return to the most common of their own, which is "we", this is "we" to the. In this week’s show, ten star guests will travel to the city of Dalian deep cultural experience, and they will have what kind of fun there? Friday 20:20 Hunan satellite TV, "we have come," look forward to it!相关的主题文章: