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"We have come to the" Ying ending the war   Karen Mok: where there is music I – Shanghai channel — people.com.cn original title: Karen Mok: where there is music, I have 7 evening, Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" will usher in the ending of the war. Karen Mok (pictured) said in an interview with reporters, the 12 phase of the program through the 6 city, the most memorable is the sisters and forged a profound friendship, the love reality show, because "where there is music, I hope I can do a future of her own program. In the program, 8 Star Racing hand appeared handsome Xinjiang Kumtag Desert, desert challenge stimulation game. In this program, the stars will continue to journey to Shanshan in Xinjiang, an exotic town do not feel the same local customs and practices. Karen Mok said, Xinjiang station is one of the most impressive period of her journey, "I love Xinjiang this episode, so for my taste. For example, those games we play in the desert, I feel very exciting, can also ride a camel. The local music feel particularly strong, they hear a drum dance, my whole person hey up." The mention of each guest’s impression, Karen Mok said: "we are very happy to know Ka-ling sister, although previously in Hongkong have the opportunity to meet to chat, but the real cooperation together, this is the first time. Ka-ling’s sister to take care of each person in the team, really is a "big sister"." Karen Mok said, the most happy is recorded in every period of time, the 8 sisters with the whole team and the staff together. "The last video that night, they exchanged gifts and we go to see the film, from the first to the last station, a lot of wonderful clips, really touched. I was very emotional, I could not help but shed tears." In addition to the memorable sisters, Karen Mok said, because "we are coming", to show no resistance, "I think this show is pretty suitable for me, anyway, stage, music, singing, I feel great! In the end of the program, I would like to have the opportunity to do a reality show." (Yan Yuan and Han Qing: commissioning editor) 《我们来了》迎收官之战 莫文蔚:有音乐的地方就有我–上海频道–人民网 原标题:莫文蔚:有音乐的地方就有我 7日晚,湖南卫视《我们来了》将迎来收官之战。莫文蔚(上图)在接受记者采访时坦言,12期节目走过了6座城市,最难忘的是和姐妹们结下了深厚的友情,也由此爱上真人秀,因为“有音乐的地方就有我”,未来她希望可以做一档属于自己的节目。 在上期节目中,8位女星化身赛车手帅气现身新疆的库木塔格沙漠,挑战沙漠刺激游戏。在本期节目中,明星们将继续新疆鄯善的旅程,在充满异域风情的小镇感受不一样的风土人情。莫文蔚坦言,新疆站是她印象最深刻的一段旅程,“我特别喜欢新疆这一集,太对我的口味了。比如说我们在沙漠里玩的那些游戏项目,我都觉得很刺激,还可以骑骆驼。当地的音乐感觉特别浓烈,一听到他们打鼓跳舞,我整个人就嗨起来了。” 提及对每位嘉宾的印象时,莫文蔚说:“很开心认识嘉玲姐,虽然此前在香港有机会碰面聊过天,但是真正合作相处,这还是第一次。嘉玲姐很照顾团队中的每一个人,真的是一个‘大姐大’。” 莫文蔚表示,参加录制最开心的就是每隔一段时间,8位姐妹跟整个团队和工作人员又会聚在一起。“最后录影的那天晚上,大家交换礼物,我们一起看片,从第一期到最后一站,很多精彩的片段,真的很感动。我本来是很会控制情绪的人,我都忍不住流下了眼泪。” 除了难忘姐妹情,莫文蔚也表示,因为《我们来了》,自己对真人秀节目不再抗拒,“我觉得这样的节目还蛮适合我的,反正有舞台,有音乐,有歌唱,我觉得太棒了!参加完节目后,我很想有机会做一个自己的真人秀。” (责编:严远、韩庆)相关的主题文章: