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Wang Zitong debut at the Tokyo Film Festival to see "Aunt Mei" second variable fans – Sohu entertainment "no problem" was unveiled at the Tokyo International Film Festival opening ceremony Sohu entertainment news October 25th, 2016 twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival opening ceremony held in Tokyo in Roppongi, live star global pool of outstanding filmmakers who. With the film "no problem" the Tokyo film festival main competition of actor Wang Zitong and director of the plum peak appeared in the opening ceremony of the red carpet, dressed in a yellow halter dress elegant and youthful, uniform dress to attend the opening ceremony of the "no problem" to add a touch of color cast. Wang Zitong plays Tong Yifang in the "no problem", from a single exposure of the stills and posters is not difficult to see a rich girl, in the rear area during the Anti Japanese war as the background of the movie, enough to make people associate a series of stories of grief at separation and joy in union. This is Wang Zitong’s first collaboration with director Mei Feng, for the first time to shoot the three screen black and white, but also her work for the first time finalists class a International Film Festival, many of the "first time" to be able to participate in this movie creation said she was excited, she said that this is a very good learning journey, can see a lot of in the eyes of their own "predecessors" in the film festival, also have the opportunity to see a lot of excellent works, for her own future creation is very helpful. In the opening scene to see his "Idol" Merrill Streep Wang Zitong, excited second smaller fans shouted, finally saw her idol." Wang Zitong’s first works is the fifth generation director Zhou Xiaowen cooperation "lily", the first big screen shock will play the leading role in Dreamgirls, to understand the place of an unmarried mother Lily suffered portrait of a penetrating, harvest praise. Will the movie director and Mei Feng "no problem" is her big screen on a thick and heavy in colours, a number of "first" to let her feel again from the creation of the film and the charm, and Mei Feng director of cooperation is almost a whole new attempt to her and let her excited and nervous, but fortunately in the internal links in advance viewing everyone for her performances have given praise. Looking forward to Wang Zitong’s "no problem" the impact of the Tokyo International Film Festival main competition unit "Jin Qilin" award to gains success, also hope to get good grades in this year, only 2 Chinese films for the case.   相关的主题文章: