Wang Shi said that people want to believe that the fate of the near future will be the outcome of

Wang Shi said that people want to believe that the fate of the near future will be the outcome of the dispute? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock Jiepan election Niugu tournament after each intern reporter Huang Bowen is still in a stalemate for Vanke no signs of easing, and any related events will become the focus of the outside world. According to first financial reports, held in Xi’an in August 25th the Yabuli entrepreneurs forum, Wang Shi appeared in the venue in the teeth of the storm. This is the dispute since the rare Wang Shi Vanke high-profile debut. Wang Shi is the director of Yabuli entrepreneurs forum, but this time his name does not appear in the list of speakers, nor in the face of the media to express their views. It is reported that in the 4 hours of the forum, Wang Shi was very quiet, just as a spectator. Even if the forum "how to see Paul capital placards, there is treasure, Ampang?" The topic is vaguely related to the current Vanke dispute, but the host did not throw the topic to Wang Shi, Wang Shi himself is deadpan staring at his cell phone". However, there is no shortage of Vanke miss Wang Shi attended the forum. The gap was held in the forum, when asked about the dispute Wanbao views, Jianye real estate chairman Hu Baosen disclosed the recent result will be, "he said Vanke Group chairman of the board of directors of Wang Shi on the matter to do some exchanges. It is understood that Wang Shi and Hu Baosen personal relationships are very good friends, the outside world that Vanke Wang Shi, Wantong Feng Lun, Jianye Hu Baosen as "the Three Musketeers Chinese estate". In August 26th, Huarun subsidiary of Huarun group even opened two meetings, are board meetings and interim results will be. According to previous news surging news, as Huarun group of independent directors Wang Shi, went to the headquarters of Huarun participants, and may once again called on Fu Yuning. But the fact is that Wang Shi did not show up at the morning Huarun group meeting of the board of directors, instead of the phone in. While the second interim meeting, Huarun Group executives stressed, will continue to work with Vanke in the project, at the same time, they also believe that Wang Shi the independent board of directors due diligence". Huarun group executive director and chief financial officer Yu Jian said: "we and Vanke cooperation is good, there is also a project in Chengdu this year, as long as it is beneficial to both sides we will not rule out vanke." Huarun group vice president Tang Yong said in saying, "Wang Shi is our independent director of the Huarun group, I believe he can perform their duties responsibly as the director of Huarun group, Huarun group’s development is very favorable." There appeared Huarun Land Board Wang Shi, cancel the original tour in Xi’an, and the evening of August 26th arrived in Shenzhen to attend the 36 anniversary of the birthday of the Shenzhen SAR, and delivered a speech. Wang Shi said that over the years, he is not only a participant in the reform and opening up in Shenzhen, but also one of the most benefit. "But don’t be too greedy for a person, even if I’m feeling good now, but as a person’s work life cycle is limited. So at this point, I think I should do something about Shenzhen, don’t talk about it相关的主题文章: