Volkswagen Golf golf! Will be released by the end of the year –

Volkswagen Golf golf! At the end of the year will be released – Sohu car recently, a Holland website exposure rendering modified models of a group of popular seventh generation Golf series of medium, there is news that the exposure of the picture is a testing agency staff according to the data provided by the design of mass data, high reliability. At the same time, as well as the exposure of the new golf cart, GTI models and 2018 Volkswagen CC models. From the exposure of the picture, as the change of the medium-term models, the new golf basically a continuation of the current model design, but the front grille and bumper with cash is different, with the latest design. In addition, the new golf headlamp group has also been upgraded, exhaust pipe layout has also been adjusted. The design of the new golf wagon and the basic cash, change the new golf GTI is relatively large, the car is still using a honeycomb grille, headlights from the picture, the new golf GTI uses smoked, compared by red strip decorative net is inserted into the lamp current model with larger size. At the same time the new car uses the Tomahawk wheels re optimization. Rendering and exposure of the new Volkswagen CC test car spy is different, but the design style of the two are basically the same. It is reported that the Volkswagen Golf series will be officially released a few months later, and a new generation of Volkswagen CC will be officially released in 2017.相关的主题文章: