Victory and defeat color 2016151 phase recommended National foot kicked off the prologue – Sohu w-inds.

Recommendation: victory in 2016151 China opened the prelude – winning 1 Sohu China vs Syria recommended: 3 Orangemen two battle points in the group for the face, Syria will qualify a key match, if not win the World Cup ended disillusion, disc 0.75 unified make let disc, you can watch the Chinese football win. 2 Uzbekistan VS Iran recommended: 3 Uzbekistan round – Qatar group phase two game winning streak, the player is at the best state, the war in the face of strong incoming Iran, although having returned 0 index, but still optimistic about the home team win the lottery, 3 single bo. 3 United Arab Emirates VS Thailand recommended: 31 UAE round lost home court of Australia, hard fighting ability needs to be improved, the war at home court against Thailand handicap scattered, ranging from 1.25-1.5, institutions for the UAE is quite a concern, it is recommended that the preferred 3, a small anti cold draw. Recommendation 4 Saudi VS Australia: 13 the game is on top of group war, Australia as a strong start, cut for Iraq and the United Arab Emirates, currently on goal top, Australia away let Saudi 0.25 disc level compensation index, the more conservative 3.05, Saudi Arabia has many games unbeaten, the game of choice 1, see 3. Recommendation 5: Austria VS Welsh in Austria on the 10 round win over Georgia, but this is only the first team wins in 4 games, the home court let disc 0.25 face of Welsh, I believe that this position is insufficient, optimistic about Welsh can get away. 6 Moldova VS Serbia recommended: 0 Moldova RANS role in qualifying has been recently, the 10 international matches they lost 8 games, Serbia game let disc 1, shortly after walking 1.25, optimistic about the lottery wins out smoothly. Recommendation 7: 3 Georgia VS Ireland Ireland first draw away Serbia, although failed to get a good start, but we can get nearly 7 times, and Georgia clash, Ireland unbeaten success, the advantages are obvious, optimistic about the continuation of the good tradition of ireland. 8 Italy VS Spain: 0 in Italy in the new old handover, although they are not afraid to face Spain, and beat the opponent in just the end of the European Cup, but I think that Spain won’t two consecutive opponent lost, now let away plate 0.25, the matador wins advantage and ability, lottery Bo 0. 9 Albania VS recommended: 0 Liechtenstein is European Super belly, they face other teams are basic brush data, the current home court transferee 1.75, promising stronger Albania to win even victory. The 10 Macedonian VS Israel recommended: 31 the two teams are close, Macedonia has a home court advantage, not easily surrender, Israel dragged away let fame 0.25,.相关的主题文章: