Vice President Chen Jialiang before the FA had died in the new Chinese first generation

Vice President Chen Jialiang before the FA had died in the new China first generation international "Beijing Youth Daily" newspaper sina sports news Beijing on February 3rd news, according to the "Beijing Youth Daily" news, former vice chairman of the Football Association Chinese, new Chinese first generation international Chen Jialiang due to a car accident, died on January 28th, aged 83. "Beijing Youth Daily" reporters after confirmation, Chen Lao before the bike was knocked down by a bus bridge nearby, causing serious injuries died on January 28th. The director of the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences Research Center of Jin Shan Sports Culture through their personal social networking platform to express bitter feelings of Chen old accident, Jin Shan said, "Chen Jialiang’s character was blown away, 3 months ago to see him." Born in 1933, Chen Jialiang was an athlete from a worker’s family in Dalian, Jinzhou. In the 50s of last century, he was sent to Hungary as an excellent young football player in China, and returned to the national team and Beijing team respectively after returning home. He was on the right wing and was good at breaking through the bottom pass. He was the best player in the first generation of nations to be recognized throughout the football world. Statistics show that during 1979 to 1985, Chen Jialiang served as vice chairman of the Football Association China, also has long served as the person in charge of the original national sports football at the football association was China practical leader. After leaving the football management position, Chen went to the Olympic Sports Center as the main person, until retirement. (new style)

前足协副主席陈家亮去世 曾是新中国第一代国脚 《北京青年报》报纸版面   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月3日消息,据《北京青年报》消息,前中国足协副主席,新中国第一代国脚陈家亮因遭遇车祸,于1月28日与世长辞,享年83岁。   《北京青年报》记者经核实确认,陈老日前骑自行车出行在天桥附近被一辆公共汽车撞倒,造成重伤于1月28日辞世。北京市社会科学院体育文化研究中心主任金汕通过其个人社交平台对陈老意外离世表达了沉痛之情,金汕称,“陈家亮的人品被交口称赞,3个月前还见他好好的。”   陈家亮生于1933年,是一位出身于大连金州工人家庭的运动员。上世纪50年代,他作为国内青年优秀足球运动员被派往匈牙利学习,回国后分别在国家队以及北京队效力。他场上的位置是右边锋,擅长突破下底传中,是整个足坛公认的第一代国家队中的佼佼者。资料显示,陈家亮1979年至1985年期间曾担任中国足协副主席,还曾长期担任原国家体委足球处的负责人,是当时中国足协实际意义的领导者。离开足球管理工作岗位后,陈老前往奥体中心担任主要负责人,直至退休。   (新体)相关的主题文章: