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UnCategorized When dealing with sales prospects, it is critical for you to establish credibility. This is so important because there are so many sales people trying to get in the door and get the prospect’s attention. If you haven’t established credibility, you will blend in with the rest and can get denied by the "vendor filter" and one way to stand out from the rest and look credible is by using a concept of social proof. Social proof is a concept where you establish value and credibility by displaying yourself as being associated with other people. An example of this is where a man is at a social venue and is not talking to anybody. By appearance, this man might appear to have low social value and by displaying little social proof. But if you take the same person and surround him with other people, and then observe that he knows many of the different groups at the venue, he then appear to have high social value by displaying social proof. His interactions are proof that he has strong social qualities and is genuinely accepted. It is fairly easy to build and create social proof throughout the sales cycle and below are some ways to consciously do that. Name Drop Internal Contacts One effective tactic to establish credibility and display social proof is to name drop contacts of other contacts that you have already spoken to and met with in the organization. This is great to do when cold calling as it can lower the guard that the prospect might have as you go from an outsider trying to get in to already being inside. The great thing about name dropping internal contacts is that you don’t even have to have met with them or plans to meeting with them in order to name drop them. You can do this by simply telling somebody that you are planning to meet with Jane Smith from accounting, for example. This sounds like you have a meeting on schedule when you are simply planning on reaching out to Jane to schedule a meeting. If Jane is senior to the person you are talking to, you just displayed social proof. Name Drop Titles Another tactic to establish credibility is to name drop titles of individuals that you work with. If you are trying to sell to a CFO and you mention working with other C-level executives during your messaging, then you can establish credibility as you have social proof from working mostly with executives. Name Drop External Contacts During the sales cycle, you can also name drop external contacts that you work with create social proof. Many .munities and industries are fairly small in terms of people knowing each other. If you can name drop a contact at one .pany that they prospect knows, that can help to establish credibility. Storytelling You can talk about your features and benefits all day, but what can really paint a picture is storytelling. By telling a story about how your .pany has helped another .anization that is similar to the prospect, they will then begin to relate to what you are trying to tell them and this will establish credibility. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: