USDA then lift the waves of cotton without fear of black swan bree daniels

USDA and then lift the waves of cotton without fear of black swan Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! – reporter Wang Zhuying cotton recorded in January, the biggest one-day decline, because the United States Department of agriculture (USDA) September supply and demand report bad data. Domestic cotton fell to 13300 yuan tons area stabilized rebound, but the amount with the poor, there may be pressure dropping again. Analysts pointed out that the USDA supply and demand report raised cotton production, slightly reduced cotton consumption, the impact on the international market space. The report neutral impact on the domestic market, the main factors affecting the domestic cotton price trend is cotton reserves transactions. Xinmian listed on the stage, the price of cotton is facing downward pressure, after the price is expected to resume rising trend. The USDA report bearish U.S. cotton plunged the U.S. Department of Agriculture released Monday September supply and demand report shows that the global cotton production increased 193 thousand tons to 22 million 310 thousand tons, of which U.S. cotton production increased from 58 thousand tons to 3 million 515 thousand tons; global cotton consumption reduced 7 thousand tons to 24 million 218 thousand tons; the final inventory increase of 43 thousand tons to 19 million 554 thousand tons, of which the United States cotton ending stocks increased 44 thousand tons to 1 million 67 thousand tons. The United States will report 20162017 annual yield of cotton from 15 million 880 thousand in August up to 16 million 140 thousand package package, which led to 20162017 at the end of the annual crop inventory, will reach 4 million 900 thousand packets, estimate is higher than 4 million 700 thousand in August. After the report was released, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) cotton recorded the largest one-day decline in about a month. And on Friday, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) data show that the first four weeks of speculation to increase net long positions in cotton futures, an increase of 3645, to the hands of the 72941. Beijing Aohan investment researcher Ji Hong said that in September the U.S. Department of agriculture report raised the global cotton production, consumption slightly lower inventory report elevated slightly, a bit empty, cause the disk crash. Yield, the larger increase in australia. The focus of the market in the United States, India and Pakistan: the United States cotton a substantial increase compared to determine the yield of India and Pakistan late has to be evaluated further, but the situation in these three countries has been basically digested by the market, but Australia yield slightly surprised, caused a certain pressure to the outer disk. U.S. cotton production rate is relatively large, so the trend is weaker than domestic. At present, India domestic cotton price of about 83 cents, 76 cents in Pakistan cotton. However, a total of 1 million 100 thousand tons of cotton signed a contract, accounting for about 44% of total exports, good progress, so the space below will not be great, may be the trend of low volatility to win sales opportunities." Ji Hong said. Henan new investment (Shanghai) Limited investment manager Gao Zhiqiang believes that in fact, the United States Department of agriculture report just fine-tuning, overall did not change the global supply and demand of cotton, actually has little effect, more market volatility is a change of mood swings and expectations. In相关的主题文章: