US third aspect the small German for revenge Kuzva PK

US third aspect: the small German for revenge Kuzva PK A Vesely Djokovic Woz sina sports news Beijing time on August 31st, 2016 at a grand slam, the U.S. Open tennis tournament announced the third day schedule. The men’s singles, the first in the world, the defending champion Djokovic will face this year the Monte Carlo Masters beat his hand to Czech at night viselli, Nadal against Italy’s Sepi Kuznetsova and Caroline Wozniacki; the women’s singles will start a dialogue, Covey Tova, Mu Guru Za, Gobel and others will also play Chinese; players star Osaka Naomi Duan Yingying will be against Japan in the second round Zheng Saisai’s mom, against Ukraine’s Katerina Bondarenko, Wang Yafan’s opponent is Ukraine beauty Te Sue Runco. In addition, women’s doubles and mixed doubles first round match will start, a number of players to play Chinese. The following is a detailed aspect: Arthur Ashe stadium, Beijing time 23 when the first [12] Covey Tova vs and Buyo Kark Kay Covey Tova in the first round defeat had never beaten Aosta Peng Ke, Buyo Kark Kay and the Turks in Istanbul this year’s championship, the first round of the US Open win also showed good competitive state. Although Covey Tova has not yet returned to the peak, but regardless of experience or strength are significantly higher than the opponent Czech cannon is expected to win easily. Second [9] vs Kuznetsova Caroline Wozniacki Kuznetsova in the first round win over Italy veteran J Zia Voni, Caroline Wozniacki is three disc defeated American teenager Townsend. This year, Russia’s state Dayong has ranked the world back into the top ten in the world, Caroline Wozniacki in the world ranking is straight down. Two people in the first round of Wimbledon this year have had a confrontation, when Kuznetsova won easily. A veteran of the Russian Defense comprehensive competition initiative should be firmly in her hands, the two US Open runner up to upset a certain degree of difficulty ". Third [1] Djokovic vs Djokovic in the first round viselli unexpectedly lost a set, but during the race for a medical suspension, the people of Serbia to win is uncertain. The first round is five hard disk viselli was thrilling to win, although once in Monte Carlo victory over the world first, but meet again in a grand slam, Czech people want to upset it again. With the game gradually, Djokovic will gradually rise, after a heart to prevent viselli, Serbia King easy revenge should not be a problem. Night of the first [3] Gulu Mu tie VS sevastova Mu Gu Raza state elusive, despite winning the French Open champion, but then the Spanish girl’s performance is not satisfactory. The first round of the US Open match against Mertens, the attack strength was dominated mugulazha eventually won in three sets, nearly broke the biggest upset since the start. Since sevastova comeback performance this year, a station in the grass tournament final achievement has been steadily increasing. The Latvian people comprehensive technology, defensive attack characteristic, mugulazha to win is to stick to the bottom line of steady, good hair)相关的主题文章: