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The super run manufacturers pushed new   one hundred kilometers in less than 3 seconds — Shaanxi channel — people.com.cn original title: American supercar manufacturers are pushing the new hundred kilometers acceleration is not limited to 3 seconds according to the British car magazine autocar10 Sept. 11, American supercar manufacturer Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) recently released a new generation of ultra running SCG003S. The car will debut at the 2017 Geneva motor show, and put into production in the mid – 2017. SCG is created by the American James Glickenhaus supercar manufacturer, but SCG’s models are handmade by the Italy auto maker Manifattura. SCG003S will be equipped with 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 engine. Although it has not yet announced the dynamic parameters of SCG003S, but said the car’s power has been very close to F1 racing. The new super Run hundred kilometers acceleration time of less than 3 seconds, and the speed of up to 217 miles an hour. SCG said SCG003S will use a series of the latest technology, and will become the fastest listed super run. Advanced aerodynamics to improve the performance of the car. SCG003S based on the same carbon fiber framework as SCG003, will be made by hand, a limited number, which will make it more unique. (internship compilation: Li Yumin reviewer: Liu Yang (Wang Li), commissioning editor: Li Jing)相关的主题文章: