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The underground parking lot within 18 hours was 3 times of fire incident Jiayuan in Xian yuan fire parking lot 7 point field inside the ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Yang Feifei photo October 27th evening, Xuanwu District of Nanjing Jiayuan in Xian yuan underground garage fire, many cars were trapped in the smoke, near the parking lot three residents were evacuated. More than 11 points that night, the fire appears again, until 1 pm yesterday, just out of danger. Modern Express reporter learned that the fire is a warehouse in the underground parking lot, property leased to a foreign auto parts company. It is reported that a total of more than 1 thousand square meters underground parking, parking spaces, however, only a few of them, most of the area are rented out, built a facade room and warehouse. Once Celi correspondent trainee reporter Ma Wanli ZAKER of Nanjing Modern Express reporter Yang Feifei Wang Yi Wang Rui live in constant danger, the underground garage three fire 10 pm the day before yesterday, the modern express reporter received a public rebellion, rushed to the scene of the incident. 200 meters away can smell the pungent smell of smoke. Residents Ms. Meng said, 7 pm when the corridor began to smoke. Downstairs to see that it was an underground garage. Where is the taxi suspected of fire, is an auto parts company in the warehouse, which is put the tires, paper box. After a period of fighting, the danger has been a number of control, some owners took the opportunity to enter the parking lot, the car moved out to stop at the roadside, the car’s glass covered with white smoke. However, to the day at around 11:30, again appeared in fire, smoke rose again. At 12 o’clock in the evening, the modern express reporter arrived again, the first floor of the whole district are shrouded in smoke. The two floor next to the parking lot entrance of the most affected, the corridor does not stop smoking. Yesterday morning at 11, the modern express reporter went to the scene for the third time, the entrance of the parking lot is still filled with smoke. "At 7 this morning, there was another fire." A resident introduced the road. The fire exits blocked, no fire hydrant water after the fire occurred, the district residents cannot react, trapped in the building. In building two, floor 2, Mr. Zhou told Modern Express reporter, the day before yesterday at around 7:30, I smelled smoke, very thick opened the door, found the corridor full of smoke. He and his wife can only close the door until the firefighters came to the rescue before going out. 12 at night, the modern express reporter saw some firefighters have been smoked on the cough. Reporters also noted that the lack of fire facilities within the district. Equipped with the fire box two corridor No. two are empty, not only inside the glass door, a fire hydrant, covered with dust, no matter how the rotary fire hydrant valve, no water out. As for the fire box should be equipped with fire hose, fire water, fire extinguisher and so on, is a have not seen. In addition, the fire exits are blocked by various vehicles. Many owners of residential vehicles parked in the small相关的主题文章: