Under the layout of a cat car cable network layout sayu-02

A cat under the line layout of the car network in recent years, from the new car sales into the market is experiencing rapid development of automotive electricity supplier. According to 36 krypton Research Institute released in February this year, "Chinese Internet plus the automotive industry Overview" data show: last year, China’s automobile electric total turnover exceeded 700 thousand, while the penetration rate is still less than 3%, a huge space for future development of electric cars. However, with the gradual slowdown in the growth rate of domestic automobile consumption, consumer spending habits and other factors, the car electricity supplier is also facing challenges. "Online mall + line shop" mode or a new trend in consumption in recent years, showing a trend of consumer online shopping, the store is more trusted network platform. According to the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce of important commodities Prediction Center released the "2016 first quarter Chinese city families buy expected survey" shows that 2016 + online shopping store ratio was 31%, compared with 2015 increased. At the same time, e-commerce giant Ali, Jingdong, Amazon, etc. have also stepped up with the combination of the next line store. Thus, the model will be online mall + line shop "has become the new consumption trend. The car is different from the general commodity flow can not drive sales in the face of the new trend of the electric car and the car home to decide on what path to follow? And BITAUTO as the representative of the "traffic school", flow driven sales mode looks beautiful, data are nice enough, but it is still difficult to cover up the low conversion rate of fact the lack of line of business of supporting the host plant to make more concessions in the car and other core resources source. In the host plant seems to be more suitable for the flow of the website brand communication, rather than the ideal sales channels. For consumers, although it can be like visiting Taobao on the site to access information, but the car is very different from the general merchandise, simply put the car as books, 3C products, clothing directly put online to sell, it is difficult for consumers to form consumer impulse. At the same time, online and offline 4S shop price access, service quality is not uniform, and many other issues are also very affected car experience. June of this year, Ping An Trust to 47.7% stake in the car to become the largest shareholder of the company’s home, the great adjustment of the executive level, has passed the car home business will be the core of auto finance, insurance migration signals. Coincidentally, the car almost at the same time the "integration" of its retail and car dealer business, reduce the real development of the business of electric cars. At this point, the car home, car, the electric car business model development is somewhat whirling. The correct posture of the automobile electricity supplier "the right combination of posture on the electric car" is what? Because the adjustment, business giants atrophy, at the beginning of "sang" electric car seems to be confused. In this regard, a cat car network founder, CEO Wang Huiyu believes that this adjustment and change counterparts, is to verify his point of view. Automotive electricity supplier must go online + line road. "Books, 3C, clothing and other product specifications are simple, simple transaction, lower customer price, and the car is a complex high price of goods, can not fully use the idea of electricity supplier to sell cars. Car buying process is very complex, involving pre election.相关的主题文章: