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Uber CEO: we have a year in Chinese "burned" $1 billion Uber CEO Karan Nick Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 17th afternoon news, according to foreign media reports, in a recent interview, Uber CEO Travis Karan Nick said, Uber in the Chinese year "burned" more than $1 billion. "We are profitable in the United States, but we lost more than 1 billion dollars a year in china." Kalanick said, "our competitors are not profitable in each operating city, they are spending money to buy market share."." Uber did not immediately respond to the content of the interview. Kalanick’s fierce competitors refer to China’s first taxi software – drop fast. In the past few months, the financing war between Uber and fast has escalated. The quick estimate has reached $16 billion 500 million, and the company was valued at $3 billion last September. Uber China completed the B round of financing about a month ago, but the financing scale and valuation have not been disclosed. Kalanick also said: "I hope the world is not like this.". I prefer to build a company rather than finance it. But, if I do not participate in the financing, I will be squeezed out of the market share." Although I don’t know how much faster than Uber lead, but from last August’s data, Uber still lags behind quite a lot. Karan Nick Uber expansion in the China, he said in the summer of last year, Chinese Uber is "global priority" in the market. In fact, China is a market that is difficult to break through for foreign Internet Co. (Bian CE)

Uber CEO:我们一年在中国“烧了”10亿美元 Uber CEO卡兰尼克   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月17日午间消息,据外媒报道,在近期的一次采访中,Uber CEO特拉维斯-卡兰尼克表示,Uber在中国一年“烧了”超过10亿美元。   “我们在美国是盈利的,但是我们在中国一年损失了超过10亿美元。”卡兰尼克说,“我们的竞争对手在每个运营的城市还没有盈利,他们是花钱买到了市场份额。”   Uber没有立即对这次采访的内容进行回应。   卡兰尼克所说的激烈竞争对手是指中国第一的打车软件——滴滴快的。在过去几个月的时间里,Uber和滴滴快的之间的融资战争已经升级。滴滴快的估值已经达到165亿美元,去年九月时这家公司的估值还是30亿美元。Uber中国大约在一个月前完成了B轮融资,但是融资规模和估值都没有披露。   卡兰尼克还表示:“我希望世界不是这样的。我更愿意去建设一家公司而不是去融资 。但是,如果我不参与融资,我就会被别人挤掉市场份额。”   虽然不知道滴滴快的现在比Uber领先多少,但是从去年8月份的数据来看,Uber还是落后相当多的。   卡兰尼克关注Uber在中国的扩张,他在去年夏天宣称,中国是Uber“全球优先”的市场。事实上,中国对于国外互联网公司来说却是一个难以突破的市场。(边策)相关的主题文章: