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Two top experts to join the HoloLens team, Microsoft will launch what kind of black technology – Sohu technology HoloLens has released more than a year, experienced friends would probably feel — in fact this black technology is not so cool Microsoft show. Microsoft seems to have been ready for the next step, the HoloLens team is frantically recruiting talent. The day before, Microsoft Research Institute chief scientist Jamie Shotton officially announced on social networks, has joined the HoloLens team and computer vision team in the future will lead Microsoft Cambridge Research Institute, to create a mixed reality more cool experience. Since 2015, Microsoft HoloLens with the same sci-fi futuristic display, interactive experience, has been regarded as the first significant in the field of black technology, one of the most sought after mixed reality equipment. But Microsoft does not seem satisfied with this, the latest news shows, they want to keep the computer graphics through the WiFi connection now to assist HoloLens in more complex graphics, more realistic visual experience for the user. Industry analysts believe that this is also a major cause of the industry bull Jamie Shotton joined the HoloLens team at this time. First look at Jamie Shotton who is. Jamie Shotton is the University of Cambridge computer science graduates, followed by grade second good result was admitted to the University of Cambridge computer vision professional, in 2007 to award doctoral degree graduate smoothly. As the field of computer vision and image processing most potential Fellow, Jamie Shotton joined Microsoft Research Institute in June 2008, and has participated in the Microsoft computer image recognition, Kinect shape prediction, gesture tracking and recognition, artificial intelligence and open source platform Malmo AI and many other projects. During his tenure, Jamie Shotton has a number of outstanding work output gains top awards, such as the Kinect somatosensory recognition project by the British Royal Academy of Engineering awarded the 2011 Annual Mike Robert award, the 2012 annual Microsoft Award for outstanding technical achievement, 2014 PAMI Youth Research Award and the 2015 annual MIT under the age of 35 the best technology review innovator awards. In the past 8 years, Shotton has become the leading scientist in the field of computer vision with the outstanding work ability and research results, Jamie. The Microsoft Jamie Shotton from other research institute to the HoloLens team, apparently found out he accumulated in the fields of computer vision and artificial intelligence for many years of experience and technology, to let him do his bit for the HoloLens in the future more cool and more natural visual interaction effect. No reward相关的主题文章: