Two Jiang diary is a relic or home Taipei court trial – Beijing

"Two Jiang diary" is a relic or home? Taipei court trial in Beijing – according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported on 11, the Taipei district court hearing the first day of trial, "Taiwan history v. the Chiang family descendants of Jiang Youmei and other 13 people," two Jiang diary "(Jiang Jieshi and Jiang Jingguo) the ownership and management of a case. "The history of the Republic of China that the two Jiang diary all, shall be submitted to the management. The Chiang family who thinks this is housework, "history" is not a legal interest, ask the court to dismiss. The court considered the case between the Chiang family inherited the right to inform both the diary, report the situation after elective open. Reported that the "two Jiang diary" in Jiang Jingguo after the death of Jiang Xiaoyong’s widow Jiang Fangzhiyi kept her diary in 2005 to donate to the American Hoover Institute of Stanford University. But other descendants of Chiang believes that the diary should be inherited by the family, refused to surrender ownership. In this case, the "history" that two Jiang diary is the two President Jiang during the manuscript, in accordance with the "Regulations" of president of cultural relics administration of cultural relics, in accordance with the provisions of the "state-owned property", which is the official document of the Republic of China is the inclusion of all, shall be borne by the "history" management; rather than as part of the two period was Chiang personally, but by the custodian Jiang Fangzhiyi grant, "history" to obtain custody. "History Museum curator Wu Micha day before the call to the Chiang family who, for an early return to Taiwan.相关的主题文章: