Two bursts of Luzhou hostage children knife robbery is a person (Figure) (video)

Two bursts of Luzhou hostage children knife robbery is the one who has to November 1st (Figure) about half past seven in the evening in Luzhou (micro-blog, WeChat), Longmatan District Lukang town and Lijun garden two consecutive knife robbery, which together with a knife or robbery. Two knife robbery not only time is only twenty minutes and was the same person as the first Lukang town! Masked knife robbery because the suspect has already carried out tracking the Capitol to the victim, so the victim go out in the eight year old daughter to take something, by the preparation of the little girl hostage, into the victim’s home in order to blackmail her parents and brother. Luzhou city Longmatan District Public Security Bureau police station Star Wei Lin told reporters: "in the process of rummaging property, think the suspect bound is not tight enough, try again to the victim bundle, so he was the victim to revolt, a suspect armed with a knife holding hands. Because the suspect body is relatively thin, so when the victim of his revolt, and took control of his hand with a knife, he has lost the threat. And he was afraid of being caught, only break away robbery. The loss amount is about 2000 yuan." The police alarm twenty minutes, got together in the garden Lijun knife robbery report! Second Lijun garden knife highway robbery suspects escaped from the town of Lukang, wandering in the street, because only had 2000 yuan, he is not willing to, start a new target object color this time, he looks at a pair of mother and daughter, the little girl is only 3 years old. From the discovery of the victim to follow the victim into the District, is with a considerable distance, after entering the district. Holding the minors first, let her mother take the money out. Quickly escaped from the scene after snatching. The police Wei Lin told reporters: "the police rushed to the garden Lijun after the discovery, described from the modus operandi and the victim suspects physical characteristics, judgment is the same person. After the video surveillance search and the victim’s identification, the suspect Sohn, 22 years old, Gulin people." On the second day of the incident, at noon on November 2nd. Police visited the investigation to find the suspect’s place, but accidentally escaped after the suspect was aware. After the suspect fled, the police again confirmed the disappearance of the suspect track and escape route, and his vehicle and license plate number. Learned that the suspect fled to the direction of Chongqing, has been on the high speed road. So the police immediately contacted with the Criminal Police Corps of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, and arrested the suspects on the spot in Chongqing Jiulongpo toll station. Most of the equipment that the suspect committed the night before was also carried on the body, including the knives used for committing the crime. At present, the suspect has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. Xiao Bian reminded: the rapid detection of cases, let our living environment and restore peace. The modus operandi of the two cases is to control minors first, and then to coerce the minors’ families by holding minors, so as to implement robbery. So parents must always look at their children, do not let criminals have an opportunity

泸州连发两起挟持儿童持刀抢劫案 系一人所为(图) 11月1日傍晚七点半左右,在泸州(微博 微信)市龙马潭区鹿港小镇和利君花园连续发生了两起持刀抢劫,其中一起还是持刀入室抢劫案。两起持刀抢劫案时间不仅只相差二十分钟而且还是同一个人所为! 第一起 鹿港小镇蒙面持刀入室抢劫案由于嫌疑人早已对受害人进行了跟踪踩点,所以在受害人八岁的女儿出门取东西时,乘其不备将小女孩挟持,进入受害人家中,以此要挟小女孩的父母和哥哥。泸州市龙马潭区公安分局红星派出所民警魏琳告诉记者:“在翻找财物的过程的,嫌疑人觉得对受害人的捆绑不够紧,试图再一次对受害人进行捆绑,于是受害人趁机对他进行了反抗,一把握住了嫌疑人持刀的手。由于嫌疑人身体比较瘦小,所以当受害人对他进行反抗,而且控制了他持刀的那只手后,他已经丧失了对受害人的威胁。加上他害怕被抓住,就只有中断抢劫夺门而逃。损失金额大概是2000元左右。”警方接警二十分钟左右,又接到了一起在利君花园发生的持刀抢劫的报案!第二起 利君花园拦路持刀抢劫嫌疑人从鹿港小镇逃跑出来后,在街上转悠,因为只抢到了2000元,他很不甘心,开始物色起了新的目标,这次他把目光投向了一对母女,这次小女孩只有3岁。从发现受害人到跟着受害人进小区,是跟了相当一段路程的,进入小区后。先把未成年人挟持了 就让她的母亲拿钱出来。抢之后就快速的逃离了现场。民警魏琳告诉记者:“民警赶到利君花园后发现,从作案手法和受害人描述的嫌疑人体貌特征等方面,判断是同一人所为。经过视频监控搜索和受害人的辨认之后确定了嫌疑人孙某,22岁,古蔺人。”在案发第二天,11月2日的中午。警方通过走访排查找到了嫌疑人所在的地方,但是不慎被嫌疑人察觉后逃跑了。嫌疑人逃跑之后,警方通过天网再次确定了嫌疑人消失的轨迹和逃跑路线以及他乘坐的车辆和车牌号。得知嫌疑人逃往了重庆方向,已上了高速路。于是警方立即与重庆市公安局刑警总队取得联系,在重庆九龙坡收费站,当场挡获了嫌疑人。嫌疑人前天晚上作案的装备大部分都还携带在身上,包括从他身上缴获了作案用的刀具。目前嫌疑人已经被刑事拘留,案件正在进一步侦查中。小编提醒:案件的迅速侦破,让我们的生活环境又恢复了安宁。两起案件的作案手法都是先控制未成年人,然后通过挟持未成年人来要挟未成年人的家属,来实施抢劫。所以父母们平时一定要看紧自己的小孩儿,别让不法分子有可乘之机!文章来源网络编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 网瘾少年持刀抢劫 服务员机智应对相关的主题文章: