Twins sick eyes like alien parents anxious for surgery (video)

The twins like alien parents to sick eyes gaunt and two children Chen Xiaoyun original title: twins for surgical sick eyes alien like 6 years ago, Dafang County farm town Xinzhuang village farmer Chen Xiaoyun gave birth to twins. This is not the upper eyelid to the boy, only a thin layer of skin to the eye, the eye is very big, like a drum out of the same. 6 years, Chen Xiaoyun for the twins to cure his son, around a doctor, even begging in Guiyang, she asked for a sum of money to save operation, also want to put his two sons to the cornea. The twins were born, like the alien eyes deformity in September 22nd 15, the reporter saw 47 year old Chen Xiaoyun and twin sons Li Maisong and Li Maiyuan in Guiyang Aier Eye hospital. Two little boys dressed, looks almost exactly the same. Two pairs of eyes, very impressive. No upper eyelid, eyeball is big, like a drum out, black pupil turned up, revealing a lot of whites, there is a layer of gauze like film covering the whole eye, like the aliens in the movie. 6 years ago, Chen Xiaoyun in his hometown clinic gave birth to the twins, remember brother Li Maisong out, a midwife doctor cried: "oh!" My heart thump." When the second Li Maiyuan came out, the doctor’s voice became surprised" "Give me a hug." Chen regardless of postpartum physical deficiency, insisted on watching twins. The nurse took two children to her, she only saw almost fainted, "no eyelid two doll’s eyes, swollen, pus, blue eyes, bloodshot." 7 days later, a new look in the eyes of the twins, like ringworm, and the middle of the pupil, such as a hole in the whirlpool. Chen Xiaoyun one day without more delay, directly holding two children to a hospital in Guiyang for treatment, after a month of treatment, blood disappeared, the hole in the middle long white meat, but can not see. Around the doctor, surgery was her mentally and physically exhausted and her husband Chen Xiaoyun is a genuine farmer, guarding the corn to live, there are old and small, tight day. Now the new two people do not say, for both the child’s eye drops to 50 yuan, drop the twins from morning to night lasts only 3 days. But Chen Xiaoyun never had anything against her child, also has not given up treatment, carrying a hold one, to Guiyang, Zunyi for treatment. In July this year, Bijie City Charity gave ten thousand yuan relief funds, with the "money", Chen Xiaoyun took the twins by train to Beijing Tongren Ophthalmic Hospital for hope. After reading the experts, told Chen Xiaoyun, the operation is very difficult, very little hope of cure, but also to go through many surgeries, spending almost 200 thousand. "Oh, I’m a little happy," said the first doctor." She is not very concerned about the "200 thousand medical expenses", although this to her "I do not know how many years to sell corn to save." In August, take the train back to Guiyang, Chen Xiaoyun money There is not much left. she decided not to panic, home in Guiyang for the twins find medical expenses. Look for, how to find? A woman without a degree no acquaintance. Think about it, decided to go begging. One day up to 50 yuan." And she lives in the cheapest hotel, 40 yuan a day. "Oh really desperate mentally and physically exhausted." Learn to have surgery相关的主题文章: